It's the peak season for New Year's Eve dinner reservations——

How to stabilize the recovery of the catering industry to ensure safety

  Our reporter She Ying

  Recently, many places in China have reported new local sporadic cases or clusters of new coronary pneumonia.

Where to eat this year’s New Year’s Eve and how to eat it safely are issues of common concern to businesses and consumers.

Consumers’ demand for the safety and health of catering consumption is increasing. Various catering companies and regulatory authorities should strengthen cooperation to jointly solve the key and difficult problems of food safety in catering services, so as to promote development through regulation, promote transformation through development, and effectively improve the people’s catering services A sense of gain, happiness, and security in the field of food safety.

  "In October, the income of my country's catering industry was 437.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.8%, and the growth rate turned from negative to positive for the first time this year. It is worth noting that in October, the income of catering companies above designated size achieved a growth of 6.1%." At the seminar on quality and safety improvement, Wu Ying, vice president of the China Culinary Association, said.

  "Why are the income of catering enterprises above designated size growing faster?" Hu Yinglian, a professor at the Central Party School (National School of Administration), believes that small catering has more advantages in terms of convenience and price.

However, after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, consumers are more concerned about public health and food quality and safety, and consumers are willing to pay more for this.

  Therefore, as far as food safety is concerned, in the past, it was more that the regulatory authorities required catering companies to comply with regulations. Now, more catering companies take the initiative to improve food safety and carry out internal governance.

  Feng Jun, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, suggested that the catering industry must fulfill its main responsibility by emphasizing the management of the whole process, improving the rules and regulations, improving the quality of employees, strengthening information disclosure, and making the source of raw materials, processing and distribution information as public as possible .

  Catering companies are recovering steadily, and online channels cannot be ignored.

Affected by the epidemic, the business format of the catering industry has undergone tremendous changes, and the importance of food delivery in residents' lives has become increasingly prominent.

According to Bai Xiufeng, Dean of Meituan Food Delivery College and head of the Ecological Marketing Department of Daojia Business Group, Meituan Food Delivery users' orders have increased significantly and consumption frequency has increased.

Consumers not only use takeaway to solve work light meals, but also start to order takeaways at home for dinner and family gatherings.

For this part of online catering consumption, merchants should adapt and adjust in time.

  Recently, new local sporadic cases or clusters have been reported in many places in China.

Where to eat this year’s New Year’s Eve and how to eat it safely are issues of common concern to businesses and consumers.

The reporter noted that at present, some businesses have launched a combination of signature dishes on the takeaway platform, encouraging consumers to pick up and enjoy them at home.

  The catering industry connects with the source of agricultural products and faces consumers at the end, which plays an important role in the food safety supervision chain.

  From the source point of view, the registration review should be done first.

Wei Li, deputy director of the Network Supervision Department of the State Administration for Market Supervision, said that small-amount catering must be registered to obtain a business license.

In this regard, the online and offline requirements are exactly the same, and the online qualification review requirements will not be relaxed.

For unqualified catering businesses, takeaway platforms do not allow them to enter.

  Wang Songlin, deputy director of the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said that from the perspective of daily law enforcement, some catering companies still have some problems, such as selling unqualified rice in the catering link, using expired food as raw materials, and providing them to consumers after processing.

In the past, supervision forces could not keep up. Now with the support of big data, smart supervision can keep a close eye on food safety risks and minimize hidden dangers.

  It is understood that the current market supervision departments in various places are actively exploring smart supervision of food safety.

According to Li Jian, Deputy Director of the Market Supervision Bureau of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, Jiangbei District uses IoT technology to provide 43 food production companies, all primary and middle schools and kindergartens canteens, 12 elderly care institutions canteens, more than 300 catering units, and 4 Smart cameras have been installed in the farmer’s market to gradually form the supervision of technical defense instead of human defense.

The Jiangbei Sunshine Catering App has also been opened in the local area. Consumers can check the whole process of canteens in primary and secondary schools, canteens of elderly care institutions and the back kitchens of catering units in the district with their fingers, and participate in 12315 complaints and suggestions at any time to make dining more assured.

  For take-out products, Jiangbei District has signed a cooperation with Meituan to open the monitoring of the back kitchens of many catering companies with large take-out orders. Consumers can check the cooking status of the back kitchens on the Meituan APP before placing an order, making ordering more secure .

  With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, catering consumption is expected to recover further.

The relevant person in charge stated that in the face of consumers’ increasing demand for safe and healthy catering consumption, various catering companies and regulatory authorities should strengthen cooperation to jointly solve the key and difficult problems of food safety in catering services, so as to promote development by regulation and development. Transformation will effectively enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness and security in the field of food safety in catering services.