Lufthansa succeeded in reducing its costs faster than expected in the corona crisis.

“This year we lost two thirds of our sales, but we were able to cut costs by half,” said Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr WELT AM SONNTAG.

"Therefore, the liquidity is higher than expected," said the airline boss.

Of the nine billion euros from the four home countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, “we have only called up three billion euros so far and haven't spent much of it,” said Spohr.

In November, the airline was also able to go public again itself.

The further development in business will show "how much we really need of the nine billion euros".

There are no signs of a new financial crisis in 2021.

"With around ten billion euros available liquidity and sufficient balance sheet reserves, I can rule out overindebtedness from today's perspective," said Spohr.


When it comes to mandatory coronavirus rapid tests for air passengers, Spohr does not expect a uniform route in global air traffic.

In any case, a European solution with the stipulation “test instead of quarantine” would be desirable, said Spohr.

Like the USA or China, Europe could act as a legal and economic area and thus offer its citizens reliability and clarity.

For intercontinental flights, Lufthansa expects three phases: First, the number of routes with mandatory quick tests will increase and in many cases will make it possible to resume air traffic.

Then there will probably be an option between testing or proof of vaccination.

Spohr: “Eventually we will hopefully achieve sufficient immunity among the world population at some point.

This would also make the vaccination certificate superfluous. ”For example, he hopes that regular flights to the USA will be possible again in the first quarter of 2021.


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