Reporter Kim Hye-min is with you.

Reporter Kim, There are a lot of reports of electric kickboard accidents, but the related laws are now very ambiguous.


Yes, if you have parents who bought electric kickboards for children for Christmas, please pay attention to the broadcast today (25th).

Users are experiencing great confusion these days as the age limit for riding an electric kickboard has fluctuated.

Kickboards were originally only allowed to be ridden by the age of 16 or older with a driver's license, but it was only allowed on the road.

But when it was said that it was too strict, I relaxed this.

So, from 15 days before, even 13 years old or older, so middle school students can ride.

The law has changed so that you are not punished even if you don't wear a hard hat.

Then, on the contrary this time, "Isn't it too dangerous?"

The National Assembly revised Buryaburya, and the revised bill is said to take effect four months after it became promulgated.

So, in summary, from December this year to April next year, you can ride an electric kickboard from the age of 13.

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country that is ruled by law, it seems that they have made such a law without actually looking ahead.


Yes, it is.

You have to go in this state.

Fortunately, there have been several options.

First of all, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport consulted with electric kickboard sharing companies to allow only 18 years of age or older to ride.

Even if you are 16 or 17 years old, you can ride, but you must first have a driver's license.

By the way, this is when you rent it from a company.

If a 13-year-old teenager buys and rides an electric kickboard himself, this cannot be stopped.

Mom and Dad may not know this and buy it for their children.

So, the Fair Trade Commission asked companies that sell it on the Internet to include a phrase like "Buy carefully."

Let's listen to the explanation of the FTC manager who is in charge of the business.

[Tae-Hwi Lee/Chief of Consumer Safety Information Division, FTC: The fact that accidents occur largely if the mail order brokerage company does not have a driver's license or does not wear safety equipment. I requested to inform you of the facts.]

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you buy it now, you will not be able to ride it next April unless you are 16 years old.

I mean, I'll tell you this in advance.

Anyway, the law will change again in four months, so I wonder how if we keep it from now on.


Yes, it is.

It is the safest and most convenient way to keep the bill that will take effect from April next year.

First of all, only those with a driver's license can ride the electric kickboard.

Since the only thing that can get a driver's license is 16 years of age or older, it is natural that people under the age of 15 cannot ride.

The number of people riding on a kickboard is one, so you can't ride two people per vehicle.

You must also wear a hard hat on your head.

If this is not followed, it has been changed to pay a fine or a fine of 200,000 won.

And when you ride a kickboard, it's not the sidewalks that people carry.

You must use the bike path.

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April, if you don't wear a hard hat, it will change to paying the penalty again, but in fact, I haven't seen anyone who wears a hard hat.



I don't know how to wear a helmet.

Whenever you rent an electric kickboard, few people carry a helmet like this, and it's probably because it's inconvenient.

However, head and face injuries are the most common in accidents.

Wearing a hard hat can reduce this mortality rate by 90%, so it should be worn.

It would be best if the rental company lends you a helmet as well, but it is said that one out of four safety helmets for bicycles in Seoul that everyone knows is not recovered.

That's why companies and the government have a lot of worries, and until April next year when the law goes into effect, a reasonable plan should come out.