Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone-Phoenix flapping "flying wings" take off (promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei)

  Just south of Beijing, Daxing International Airport is like a golden phoenix, shining under the blue sky in winter.

  Since it was put into operation for more than a year, not only has the passenger throughput exceeded tens of millions of passengers, but it has also activated the 150-square-kilometer airport economic zone-as a new highland of Beijing's reform and opening up, the advantages of reform are released here; as a coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei New kinetic energy, the new economy is strong here.

  At the northeast corner of the airport, at the construction site of the Daxing International Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Phase I), machines roared.

Although it is a cold winter, the construction site is in full swing. The intelligent storage center has completed the pile foundation construction, and the customs fence has begun installation and construction. It is expected that the conditions for customs clearance will be reached in August next year.

  "This is the country's first cross-provincial comprehensive bonded zone. The Beijing-Hebei region has unified planning, unified policies, unified standards, unified management and control, and unified assessment, creating a new management model of cross-industry consultation, joint construction and sharing." Daxing Ning Yufeng, director of the office of the airport comprehensive insurance company, said that Beijing-Hebei has established a joint construction headquarters to jointly promote the construction.

  The comprehensive protection zone is speeding up construction, and existing enterprises have seen opportunities.

"We want to build an intelligent temperature-controlled storage and medical bonded distribution center here." Liu Gang is the deputy general manager of a medical cold chain logistics company.

He told reporters that under the current business model, the fastest transportation turnaround time for medicines and medical devices imported from Germany to Beijing is 72 hours, with multiple links and high costs. "Speed ​​is our lifeline. Entering the comprehensive insurance zone. I just want to be faster."

  "Comprehensive bonded areas need to be highly efficient in reform." Ning Yufeng said, "Through the'zone-port integration' supervision model, the comprehensive bonded area and the airport customs can achieve'one system, one tally, one inspection, and one removal'. Efficient operation, the time will be greatly reduced."

  A group of companies have set their sights on this: Sinopharm will rely on the advantages of Daxing Airport to connect to the world and the special policies of the comprehensive protection zone to develop cross-border pharmaceutical supply chain business; Beijing Biopsy Biotech will combine the positioning of the R&D center in The comprehensive protection zone develops biomedicine research and development business and serves global customers...The vibrant comprehensive protection zone is the industrial driving engine of the airport economic zone.

  "This dotted line is the dividing line between Beijing and Hebei. The airport economic zone of 150 square kilometers, Beijing occupies 50 square kilometers, and Hebei occupies 100 square kilometers." In front of the sand table of the management committee building, the platform company of the airport economic zone - Cao Hui, chairman of Beijing Xinhangcheng Company, said, “The layout of the airport economic zone is policy first; the acceleration of the airport economic zone construction is reform first; the exploration of new mechanisms for the airport economic zone is coordination first.”

  As the new highland of Beijing’s reform and opening up, the Airport Economic Zone not only has a 4.35 square kilometers comprehensive protection zone, but also a 20 square kilometers high-end industrial area in the Beijing Free Trade Zone and the Daxing Airport area in the Hebei Free Trade Zone. At the same time, it is also a demonstration zone for expanding and opening up the service industry.

  Taking the establishment of the free trade zone as a starting point, a series of reforms proceeded rapidly in the airport economic zone.

In the first half of this year, the first batch of 81 system innovation lists was launched, and more than half of them have been implemented.

The "China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Daxing Airport Area (Beijing Area) Foreign Exchange Management Reform Pilot Implementation Rules" was promulgated, 9 innovative policies and measures in the field of foreign exchange were introduced, and 2 cross-border financial businesses have been launched.

  Immediately afterwards, the Airport Economic Zone was empowered by Beijing, 80 administrative powers were delegated, and the "airside area affairs are handled by the airport area", and the efficiency was greatly improved.

  In November, the Airport Economic Zone benchmarked against international rules, learned from domestic and foreign experience, and launched the second batch of institutional innovation lists, covering airport development, biomedicine, overseas business districts, digital economy, finance, and regional collaboration6 A total of 39 measures in each field focus on promoting the rapid agglomeration of emerging industries.

Up to now, there have been 306 new market players in the Daxing Airport area, with a total of 26.507 billion yuan in registered capital... The airport economic zone, like a golden phoenix, is flying high.

  (Reporter Zhu Jingruo and He Yong)