A tourist from Catalonia or Madrid may travel to Tenerife, despite the fact that

yesterday the closure of the island was decreed

, in the next two weeks, but a resident of Gran Canaria who wants to spend Christmas with his family, who lives on the island.

A Norwegian tourist may also enter Tenerife, as

long as they have a hotel reservation

and a test (antigens or PCR) has been carried out with a negative result 72 hours before their arrival.

They are the contradictions that some regulations throw up to stop the pandemic.

The Canarian president yesterday decreed the closure of the island of Tenerife due to its epidemiological situation.

According to his own words, you can only enter Tenerife "for health reasons, for the fulfillment of work obligations, attendance at educational centers or universities, return to the place of habitual or family residence, assistance and care of the elderly, dependents or people with disabilities , displacement to financial or insurance entities, actions before public organizations, renewal of permits and other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed, tests or exams that cannot be postponed or duly accredited causes of force majeure, "said Ángel Víctor Torres yesterday.

In the press conference that he gave in the afternoon to explain the measures, he

did not mention that within these "force majeure" exceptions was tourism


In fact, on several occasions he acknowledged the impact that the closure will have on the island in "these two weeks, which are the most mobile of the year."

High season

Shortly after his appearance, he clarified the exceptionality of this rule, despite the fact that in the appearance he did not refer to tourists.

The Canary Islands, which is now in its high season, planned to save part of the tourism these weeks, as it is one of the few places without mobility restrictions.

The decision to close Tenerife

yesterday caused a reservation cancellation.

The island will allow tourists to enter as long as they have a reservation in a tourist accommodation establishment.

They also have to present a negative health test that proves they are free of coronavirus.

A PCR but also the antigen test is worth it.

From this measure it can be deduced, for example, that

a tourist who was planning to stay with a friend in Tenerife could not enter.

Or that a canary who does not live on this island but who wanted to spend Christmas with his family will finally be able to do so only if he stays in a hotel, but not if he stays with his relatives.

The Government and the tourism concierge insist that

this exception is not 100% safe until the order is published in the official canary bulletin (BOC).

Starting tomorrow, the Canary Islands will ask national and international tourists who want to enter the islands for a negative test carried out 72 hours beforehand. PCR tests, antigen tests or TMA (another type of technique for the detection of the virus, less widespread and more expensive than antigens).

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