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third disaster support payment is being discussed to support the self-employed, etc., who have become more difficult due to strengthening social distancing.

The president also ordered to pay it quickly, but there are some people who have not yet received the second disaster support fund that has been paid since around Chuseok.

Reporter Hwa Kang-yoon reports.

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PC room run by Kim Yo-han recently dropped to a third of last year's monthly sales.

At the time of the 2nd disaster support fund in September last year, the company was excluded from the expedited payment because the workplace was under a joint name.

In October, I completed the documents and applied for a new desired fund of 2 million won, but I still haven't received it.

[Kim Yohan/New Hope Fund Applicant:'I'll give you until this week,'

It keeps being put off like this.

I waited for two months like that.]

2.83 million applicants for the new desired fund, one of the second disaster subsidies.

Of these, 30,000 have not yet received the support fund and are waiting for the screening process to be completed, except for the 330,000 who were rejected due to disqualification.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups explained that it took a lot of time to verify the eligibility for payment through the National Tax Service or the competent local government.

The purpose of'emergency assistance' is colorless.

The government is reviewing a plan to advance the third disaster support payment to January next year, but if the payment delays are repeated, the effect will inevitably be halved for self-employed people who cannot survive the day immediately.

[Hyunsu Choi / Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs: How about setting up a system that allows you to conveniently and quickly register recent sales fluctuations, even from the beginning of next year, first through a system to grasp monthly income or sales information?


There seems to be a need to simplify supporting documents or to significantly increase the number of reviewers.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol) 

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