All Nippon Airways launched a flight between Narita Airport and Shenzhen, China on the 14th, as business-related traffic resumed with China from last month.

This is the first time ANA has launched a new international flight since the state of emergency was declared in April.

Thirteen passengers, including business-related Japanese and Chinese returning to Japan, boarded the first flight from Narita Airport to Shenzhen on the morning of the 14th.

As the traffic of business people to and from China resumes from the 30th of last month, Shenzhen, where high-tech industries are concentrated in ANA, is expected to have business demand, and this is the first time since the state of emergency was declared in April. It was put into service.

A 37-year-old man from the manufacturing industry heading to Shenzhen on a business trip said, "I'm wondering how local people see going on a business trip from Japan to China, where the infection continues to spread. When delivering products overseas, I'm on a business trip. I have no choice but to go to Japan, so I want the infection to end as soon as possible. "

In ANA, where severe business conditions continue due to the spread of infection, the flight schedule for international flights this month is only about 20% of the original plan, and we would like to consider flight schedules in the future based on immigration restrictions and demand trends in each country. And.

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