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  • The Somme prefecture announces the holding of a new crisis meeting around the aeronautics industry.

  • Social plans are linked and it is about 600 jobs lost.

New social earthquake in sight.

The prefecture of the Somme announces, this Friday, the holding of a new crisis meeting around the aeronautics industry, Monday.

This economic sector concentrates fifty companies around the Stelia Aerospace plant which manufactures aircraft noses for Airbus in Albert.

"The aeronautical factories of the Somme are experiencing an unprecedented crisis due to the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic on international air traffic", underlines the prefecture, in a press release.

On October 9, a first follow-up committee had already organized with local businesses hard hit by this crisis, as well as various institutional and union actors.

About 600 positions deleted?

Since then, a social plan has been announced at AAA (Aeronautical and Aerospace Assistance) concerning the dismissal of 128 employees at the Méaulte site.

In the company Stelia Aerospace, 290 jobs are also targeted by job cuts, and many subcontractors are likely to be affected.

There is talk of some 600 positions eliminated in what is the main aeronautical center of Hauts-de-France.

For Jean-Louis Taillefer, CFE-CGC regional secretary, "the period is very complicated to manage" because "we are only Airbus support companies", dependent on this principal who himself announced end of June 5,000 job cuts in France.

A turning point for the industry?

After "ten glorious years", the industry is at a turning point: it must now "retain its know-how while diversifying", explains Chantal Carton, responsible for the economy-innovation mission at the Community of Communes of the Poppy Country.

From the plan of 15 billion euros of aid, investments, loans and guarantees to help the aeronautics sector, Picardy companies have benefited from 16 million euros of loan guaranteed by the State (PGE) or repayable advances.

A support strategy for aeronautical employees has been put in place, according to the prefecture.


One hundred and ten companies in the aeronautics and automotive sectors already supported, according to the government


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