Sea cucumber prices increased by 40%!

20% price increase of flower maw!

The price of bird's nest increased by 15%!

The price of tonic products has "rised", but sales have doubled?

what happened?

  Autumn and winter are the traditional seasons for conditioning and health preservation. Various tonics have entered the peak consumption season. Which products are the most popular?

  Tonics are selling well in the autumn and winter health season

  In an aquatic product market in Dalian, when the market was about to close, many customers still came to purchase. In the nourishment area, the reporter saw the most concentrated customers of sea cucumber, fish maw, and bird's nest shops.

According to a person in charge of a fish glue shop, fish glue is a category of fish glue. Because it sells well, they have recently increased their purchases.

In another shop that specializes in bird's nest, the owner is worrying about not getting the goods.

  In some sea cucumber specialty stores in Dalian, the staff in the store are busy packing and shipping. The person in charge told reporters that the sales of sea cucumbers have increased significantly this year, which has doubled than usual.

  Demand has increased, and some fishing grounds in Dalian have also increased the number of fishing. Wang Xin is a fishing worker. In previous years, they only fished once a day. This year, the reporter saw him at around 5 pm. This is the third time he came back that day. Since sea cucumbers cannot be overfished, they will complete their fishing mission ahead of schedule this year.

  Wang Xin, a fisherman at Changxing Island Fishery in Wafangdian City, Dalian: Because this year's demand has already been reached, and we have to keep some sea cucumber seeds, we will stop working for another ten days this year.

  Not only offline, the sales data of supplements on online platforms are also eye-catching.

The reporter learned from multiple e-commerce platforms that the sales of nourishing comprehensive categories have increased by about 50%, and the sales of some single products have even doubled.

  Xu Jing, general manager of JD Health and Nourishment Department: In the first three quarters of this year, the growth rate of bird's nest sales on the JD platform exceeded 100% year-on-year.

  Traditional tonics "rising"

  Sea cucumbers, bird's nests, and fish maws are all traditional tonics in our country. They have shown an explosive growth this year, and they are "rising". What is the reason?

  The reporter learned that the current price of ordinary grade fish maw is 1,200 yuan per catty, and the high-grade ones are sold at about 5,000 yuan per catty, which is about 20% higher than the same period last year, while the average price of bird's nest is 15,000 yuan per catty. Around yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%.

In a fishing farm in Dalian, the price of fresh sea cucumbers caught that day has increased by more than 40% year-on-year.

  After a certain process, fresh sea cucumbers become the most common dried sea cucumbers on the market. Due to the difference in grades, a catty of dried sea cucumbers generally requires 10 to 20 catties of live sea cucumbers to make, so the price per catty is expensive.

In a market in Beijing, the current price of dried sea cucumbers has risen to about 5,000 yuan per catty. A shopkeeper told reporters that the main production areas of sea cucumbers are mainly in Liaoning and Shandong. The high temperature two years ago caused a decline in local production until now. It has not yet fully recovered, and the 40% price increase in the production area this year will soon be transmitted to the terminal market.

  Li Keshi, head of Dalian Haixingdao Food Co., Ltd.: The production of sea cucumbers in Dalian has lost 70% to 80%. The growth cycle of sea cucumbers takes three to five years. From 2018 to now, it is exactly two years, but the sea cucumber production cycle has not yet restore.

  Deep processing push new products tonics industry has broad prospects

  With the improvement of people's health awareness and consumption upgrade, the industry format of tonics is also changing. Not only is the consumer group increasingly diversified, but also new products such as personalized and customized products are constantly enriched.

  Industry insiders told reporters that in addition to middle-aged and elderly people, "post-90s" are also joining the ranks of nourishing health care, and consumer demand is more diversified, which also puts forward new requirements for production companies.

  Lin Xiaoxian, founder of Xiaoxian stew: We have built a tens of billions of production center in Shanghai to respond to customers in the Yangtze River Delta more quickly and efficiently. He may receive fresher products in a shorter time.

  According to data from the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the number of manufacturers of sea cucumbers, bird's nests, and fish maws in my country's nourishing industry this year is nearly 3,000, which is an increase of more than 500 compared to last year. Industry insiders say that my country's traditional nourishing industry will continue to grow rapidly The growth trend, the market size will reach 200 billion yuan in five years.