Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, December 3 (Wei Wei) There is a saying among banks: the first quarter performance depends on half a year, and the half year performance depends on the whole year.

Or it can be seen how important the first quarter performance of each year is to the bank.

Starting from December 1, the “good start” of major banks in 2021 has been officially launched.

It is understood that the "good start" of the banking industry usually lasts from December to March of the following year, during which time banks will launch a series of preferential activities to attract more customers and sprint performance.

  The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client found that many branches of rural commercial banks, city commercial banks, and joint-stock banks have recently opened mobilization meetings. During the visits, many bank outlets opened their doors for cooperation products with higher interest rates.

"A good start" earlier than previous years

  “Part of the indicators started on December 1st. Previously, they started on January 1st. This year they started on December 1st.” A staff member of a state-owned bank branch in a central province told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client.

  Sino-Singapore Jingwei inquired about the bank's official WeChat account and found that many banks, including Ping An Bank Xiamen Branch, Yichuan Rural Commercial Bank, and Wuhu Yangzi Rural Commercial Bank, had already held a "good start" mobilization meeting in mid-to-late November.

  The major banks have made detailed arrangements for the "good start" and organized various mobilization activities.

For example, the 11 heads of operating units of Ping An Bank Xiamen Branch signed the "Military Order"; Wuhu Yangzi Rural Commercial Bank organized various outlets at the "good start" launching ceremony on savings deposits and e-banking business PK competition; Ganzhou rural commercial banks are still In late November, the first quarter of 2021 "good start" training was launched.

  "Compared with previous years, the 2021 red-start assessment task is heavier and the goals are higher." The relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Yingtan Rural Commercial Bank pointed out at the "start-up" mobilization meeting that the bank has added basic customer expansion and electronic banking services. The goal is to highlight the concept of integrated management and marketing.

  Another customer manager of a state-owned bank in a central province said that this year the bank’s "good start" requires that the sales of funds and insurance double that of last year. The deposit index has not yet come out, but the deposit requirements are usually relatively high. "I feel pressured. If you can’t sell, you need weekend training. Usually, there are daily supervision meetings, speeches, and interactive performances.” She introduced that interactive performance means that one person acts as a customer and the other acts as a marketer, practicing speaking skills.

 A lot of products to give gifts and boost revenue

  When the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client visited some bank outlets on December 1st, they saw that some outlets had already started selling "good start" related products, and some began to make reservations for related products, and indicated that they would be officially launched on January 1.

The Sino-Singapore Jingwei client found that the rate of return of the bank's fixed deposit products has risen, and will attract customers in the form of gifts, but many branches still mainly promote bancassurance products.

  Walking into a branch of the Postal Savings Bank of China, there is a table and two rows of shelves in the lobby, which are filled with dense gifts, including cooking oil, toothpaste, miscellaneous grains, soap, paper towels, etc.

  According to the staff of this branch, the deposit interest rate of the Postal Savings Bank of China has been adjusted upward recently. The one-year fixed interest rate is 2.25% for more than 50,000 yuan and 2.1% for less than 50,000 yuan.

  However, the above-mentioned staff member stated that the bank's main product is a product with a 3-year interest rate of 4% and a 5-year interest rate of 4.5%.

At present, the product is still in the reservation period and will be officially sold on January 1st, starting at 10,000 yuan, and 3 times the points will be given during the event, and the points can be exchanged for corresponding gifts.

During the period, she took out an appointment book and said, “This one is all customers who have already made an appointment. There is another one that has an appointment of 500,000 this morning.”

  When inquiring whether the product is a deposit product, the above-mentioned staff member stated that the product is a dividend insurance cooperating with an insurance company, with a capital protection and 2.5% return. These will be written in the contract, and the remaining dividend income will be divided into low Middle and high third gear.

"The 4% and 4.5% we write are the lowest grade, and the high-end interest rate is higher." The staff member said.

  At a certain ICBC branch, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client also saw on the promotional board that the main product of "A good start" is two bancassurance products, one is a one-time deposit for 5 years, the product interest rate is 4.5%, and the other A 3-year regular delivery product with a compound interest of 3.5%, which will be officially launched on December 1.

  According to the relevant staff, the first product cooperates with different insurance companies, with a guaranteed return rate of 2.3%-2.7%, and part of it is dividend income; the other product can continue to be stored after the expiration of the payment period, and will be provided according to the insured amount Compound interest.

  "The task of insurance is relatively heavy, and insurance products protect the principal, and will not harm customers. Now wealth management products may also lose money, and some customers will not accept it." An account manager of a state-owned bank told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client.

  Huang Dazhi, a senior researcher at the Suning Financial Research Institute, pointed out that due to the epidemic, banks are facing greater operating pressure this year. In order to make up for the loss of profits for the whole year, based on overall management considerations, it is normal for banks to increase their assessment of "good start" .

He said that an important indicator of a good start is income generation. Deposits and financial management generate less income. Products such as insurance and funds have a greater contribution to the middle income of banks. Banks pay more attention to the marketing of such products.

  "The end of the year is a special time for many people." Huang Dazhi explained that issuing year-end bonuses, paying wages, returning migrant workers to their hometowns, etc. will bring a lot of money. Many banks will deliberately choose New Year's Day or small opening activities. As a starting point for the event, even go to railway stations and other places with high passenger flow to arrange booth marketing.

  For ordinary investors, Huang Dazhi suggests that they should be wary of "flying orders" during a good start, and at the same time pay attention to whether the guarantee commitment of bancassurance products is written in the contract and whether their own risk preferences match the product.

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