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Clean, spotless toilet.

This idyllic setting is what brands of different cleaning products promise to achieve in their television commercials.

But, according to a recent study by the OCU, not all meet in levels of efficiency, good price or greener option.

A recent list compiled by the Organization of Consumers and Users analyzes and compares the main bathroom cleaners to choose "the most suitable for you".


It is

the "best of analysis"


This 750 milliliter product gets a good overall rating in OCU tests.

It gets a general result of

76 points out of 100

, and it is a product, according to the organization, of "good quality".

It has a five-star efficiency, little environmental impact and its price is unbeatable: 1.49 euros.

The only problem: you need to wear gloves because it can cause "irritation and allergy."


Product found in El Corte Inglés.

It is a product of 500 milliliters, with a

72 points out of 100

and the label, according to the OCU, of

"buy eco"


The organization stands out in its analysis that it obtains, in the environmental impact section, the five stars: that is, the best product by star level in terms of harmful effects on the ecosystem.

It is the most expensive: 3.09 euros.

KH-7 ANTICAL: € 2.83

This 750-milliliter product passes low in terms of environmental impact and fails in "irritation and allergy", but achieves the positive balance with a score of

66 points out of 100

for its other qualities: correct efficacy and good indications on the labeling ( that is to say, it includes the recommendations on how to apply it, surfaces to avoid, subsequent rinsing, pure and diluted use).

Its price, 2.83 euros.

Anti-limescale gel home cleaner, by Eroski: € 1.49

It is

"the master purchase"

, according to the OCU.

The organization highlights in this 1,500-milliliter product its effectiveness, its low irritation and allergy and its correct labeling, giving it

65 points out of 100

and a good overall rating.

Failure in environmental impact, "based on the presence of substances harmful to the environment declared in the mandatory list of ingredients."

It has a price of 1.49 euros.

POWER GEL, by Carrefour: € 1.30

Here the OCU indicates that it is

"the advantageous purchase"

of all its analysis of bathroom cleaners.

It has a slightly lower score than previous cleaners,

58 out of 100

and "medium quality", but highlights the organization's strengths in labeling and effectiveness (with four stars out of five).

Failure in environmental impact, with products that do not comply because they contain substances that are harmful to the environment.

The price, the cheapest for now: 1.30 euros.

Unamat, in aldi: € 1.19

Here the price is unbeatable: 1.19 euros.

However, the OCU reduces its level to

51 points out of 100

, bordering on suspense.

They are 1,500 milliliters of product with its notable, but not outstanding points (such as efficacy, labeling and irritation and allergy), and mediocre points (such as environmental impact).

BATH CLEANING GEL, by El corte Inglés: € 1.37

The worst on the list.

1,500 milliliters of product with a score of

45 points out of 100


It is the worst in terms of environmental impact for the products it carries, although it gets outstanding on the labeling: four stars out of five.

Its price, 1.37 euros.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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