Some factories have been shut down due to Corona.

At Kia Motors' Gwangju plant, some production lines were stopped when a confirmed person came out, and two people were confirmed at the Samsung Electronics Gwangju plant, so the plant decided to stop operation until the day after tomorrow (2nd).

This news was covered by reporter Kim Hye-min.


There are 4 people who have been confirmed at Kia Motors' Gwangju Plant.

After Mr. A, who works as a production worker, was confirmed, three more were tested positive in the contact test.

They are known to have ate outside recently.

[Hyang Park/Director of Welfare and Health Bureau of Gwangju City: The risk assessment of the workplace and the quarantine and disinfection in the factory were completed yesterday.] For

this reason, factories 1 and 2 in Gwangju, which produce Soul and Sportage, etc., stopped, and 80 employees self-isolate. Done.

At Samsung Electronics' Gwangju plant, two workers were confirmed, and the Bespoke refrigerator manufacturing building was suspended until the 2nd of next month.

There are no major disruptions to production yet, but if the number of confirmed cases increases and the process interruption period is prolonged, there is a possibility that orders cannot be met.

At LG Chem's Cheongju Ochang Factory, corona19 confirmed cases were confirmed one after another.

Six people who worked in the same space for two days yesterday and today were confirmed and the office was closed.

The 3rd coronavirus pandemic is also affecting workplaces, with confirmed cases appearing at Daewoo Winia's Gwangju Plant and Kumho Tire's Gokseong Plant.

As the manufacturing plant faces a crisis of shutdown even with just one confirmed person, and the number of self-isolation employees increases, companies are taking preemptive quarantine measures to prevent the spread of corona.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-il KBC, video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)  

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