Strasbourg on 25 11 2012. Strasbourg Christmas market -


It was expected, both by traders and their employees.

And it is since this Wednesday recorded by decree.

The Bas-Rhin prefecture has in fact signed an order concerning the opening of shops in Strasbourg on Sundays.

Not only can they reopen from this Saturday 28 as announced by Emmanuel Macron yesterday, but they will also be authorized to open on the four Sundays of Advent.

Or Sundays, November 29, but also December 6, 13 and 20.

A decision motivated according to the prefecture by “increased consumption needs during the Advent period, likely to have a beneficial impact on local commerce.


Salary increase

The decree specifies that food retail stores are authorized to employ voluntary staff one hour and a half before opening to the public, in order to allow the shelves in fresh and perishable products.

Finally, the employees who will work during these four Sundays will benefit from a salary increase of 100% of the hours worked as well as a paid rest equivalent to the hours worked.

In addition, additional travel or parking costs paid by employees for these days worked are borne by the employer upon receipt.

An authorization that could snowball in the coming hours in some municipalities ... As in Obernai, which is also authorized, by municipal decree this time, to open the next four Sundays.


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