NY stock Dow Jones Industrial Average closes $ 327 high Expectations for vaccine development, etc. November 24, 6:41

In the New York stock market at the beginning of the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose due to expectations for vaccine development and commercialization of the new coronavirus.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed on the 23rd at $ 29,591,27, up $ 327.79 compared to last weekend.

AstraZeneca, a major British pharmaceutical company, announced the effectiveness of the new coronavirus vaccine under development, raising expectations for vaccine development and commercialization, and buying orders for a wide range of brands such as aviation, entertainment, and finance I got together.

In addition, the Treasury Secretary reported that the appointment of former Fed Chairman Janet Yellen had become influential over the ministerial appointments being considered by former Vice President Joe Biden, who declared victory in the presidential election. The price increase has expanded.

Market officials said, "For the past three weeks, there have been announcements about vaccine development every Monday, which has led to a rise in stock prices. The news of Mr. Yellen's appointment also gave the market a sense of security." I'm talking.