"Dubai Lands": publishing an advertisement without permission will be fined 50 thousand dirhams

Real estate agents warn against "loose intermediation" ... and are demanding an identification card for the broker

  • Issuing licenses facilitates individuals and companies conducting their real estate activities.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


Real estate brokers have warned of what they called "loose real estate brokerage", which does not have a specific address, and communicates with investors using social networking sites and WhatsApp correspondence, with the aim of selling, demanding the regulatory authorities to issue an identification card or license for each real estate broker working in Dubai, to raise the quality of the sector.

For its part, the Dubai Land Department said that the violation of publishing a real estate advertisement, on social media without taking a permit, will be fined 50 thousand dirhams.

Brokers Card

In detail, the real estate expert and chairman of W Capital Real Estate Brokerage, Walid Al-Zarouni, said that “issuing a card to real estate brokers in Dubai enhances credibility in the real estate market, increases investor confidence in the sector’s future in the emirate, and raises the degree of transparency,” warning of “loose real estate brokerage” She has no known address, and who corresponds via WhatsApp, without even mentioning the name of the office she works with.

He pointed out that the real estate investor must, before starting any procedure, make sure that the broker is licensed and approved by the official authorities and the Dubai Land Department, whether through a direct request to the broker to view the license card, or inquire via the online application "Dubai Rest". Pointing out that «this is a right of the investor, to be assured before pumping his money into the targeted investment».

Al-Zarouni stressed that issuing licenses that facilitate the practice of individuals and companies their real estate activities, within an organized legal framework, strengthens the pillars of dealing in the real estate market and contributes to increasing the maturity of real estate transactions.

He stated that real estate brokers play an important role in promoting the sector inside and outside Dubai, and they have an important role in drawing a positive image of the sector in front of the foreign investor, who is interested in buying real estate in the emirate.

He referred to the role of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, which is affiliated with the department, in facilitating procedures and tools, to ensure that the real estate broker is registered with the department as an accredited broker, through smart applications, such as «Dubai Brokers» that help those looking for real estate investment opportunities in Dubai, stressing that the brokerage profession Real Estate receives continuous support from the competent authorities, given the importance of the profession in moving the real estate market.

The real estate sector

For his part, CEO of Standard Real Estate, Abdul Karim Al-Mulla, said, “Many brokers circumvent the laws and regulations in force in the real estate sector by using social media platforms and text messaging, and they are promoting real estate without obtaining an advertisement permit from the department. In addition, they are not licensed, and they use their personal numbers to promote real estate, which is different. ”

He noted that if the promotion is for the benefit of a commercial sector, the numbers for communicating with clients must represent an office or a company, for example, calling on the responsible authorities to monitor these to control the sector, and to issue identification cards for real estate brokers, which are approved by the department, and they must be shown to the customer Likely.

Quality standards

In the same context, the CEO of "Harbor Real Estate", Muhannad Al-Wadi, said that "a lot of real estate brokers work in the market, but without regard for professional quality standards," indicating that there is a study indicating that 62% of those dealing with real estate brokers, They were not satisfied.

He noted the need to issue identification cards to brokers, which is not a new initiative, but what is required to be activated is to control the real estate sector in the Dubai market, which is the engine of many economic activities.

He pointed out that the department spares no effort to promote the sector, and it works in two ways in this regard: the carrot and stick method, then the carrot by classifying the mediators, so that the investor knows the arrangement of mediators and their level of experience, and intimidation by imposing fines on violators.

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