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representative of a large shipyard subcontractor in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do was recently found dead.

The bereaved families say that the deceased usually suffered from extreme stress because of the chronic practice of the shipbuilding industry, which does not properly give the money owed and cuts unit prices at will.

First, reporter Jeong Da-eun.

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the 15th, Mr. Kim, the representative of a subcontractor of Samsung Heavy Industries in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, killed himself in the office.

It has been two months since Mr. Kim served as the CEO of Company B, which is subcontracting Company A, the primary subcontractor of Samsung Heavy Industries.

The bereaved family said that the construction cost was 150 million won, and that the company A offered only 60 million won, and that Mr. Kim suffered a lot.

[Kim's wife: (husband) Please help me...

It would be long if I were the head of company A...

Please ask for help.]

Company A insists that the agreement was agreed with Kim, who died.

[Representative of Company A: Even if you write down the terms of the contract later, it is correct not to sign it unless it is appropriate.]

However, in the contract between Mr. Kim and Company A, the construction amount column was completely empty or the contract was written on the day all the construction was completed.

The'pre-construction and post-construction contract' is a chronic unfair subcontracting transaction in the shipbuilding industry that is written after the work is done.

[Kim Kyung-sup/Samsung Heavy Industries' union chairperson: The company does not intentionally and intentionally write a second contract.

I ordered the work first, and then on the last day like this one (I'm hitting it.)]

[B company employee: I got a message right away in the morning.

'Team leader (CEO), please return personal tools and common tools''Huh?

Brother, what is this?'

Our workers are telling us to quit.]

Subcontractors claim that after starting work, contracts are frequently used to unreasonably change the contents of work and hurt unit prices.

- Lee Jang-ho / certified consultant: Because you have not to hasugeupin that the proper construction amounts just below in the prime payments did not matter to pass through a volume leader in the bottom]

Samsung Heavy Industries for the past four subcontractors May 30 008 thousand cases of work The fact that the price was cut without issuing a contract in advance was revealed, and a penalty of KRW 3.6 billion was imposed by the Fair Trade Commission.

Samsung Heavy Industries said that it is a job between subcontractors and subcontractors and has nothing to do with the headquarters.

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