Iran, Abraham Accord, settlements: in Israel, Mike Pompeo wants to leave his mark

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan as they get off the plane at Tbilisi Airport on November 17, 2020. AP Photo / Patrick Semansky

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The head of American diplomacy continues his tour.

After France, Turkey and Georgia, Mike Pompeo is expected this Wednesday, November 18 at midday in Israel for what could be his last visit to this close ally of the United States.

The US Secretary of State is coming to continue the diplomatic efforts of the Trump administration in the region.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Guilhem Delteil

This Wednesday, Mike Pompeo's first meetings should be devoted to the main diplomatic successes of the Trump administration: starting with the

Abraham Accords

, which allowed the normalization of relations between Israel on the one hand and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain on the other.

The Bahraini chief of diplomacy is also expected in Israel for a first official visit and a tripartite meeting between the United States, Bahrain and Israel is planned.

The fight against Iran is a topic of discussion for all American officials visiting Israel and a topic on which the Trump administration and Benjamin Netenyahu have shown perfect understanding for four years.

He will also be present in the discussions over the next few days.

The Secretary of State should take advantage of this possible final visit to assert his firmness to the end against the Islamic Republic.

Visit to a settlement in the West Bank and Golan Heights

But the strongest part of his visit shouldn't be so much his meetings as his travels.

Mike Pompeo is expected to visit an Israeli settlement in the West Bank as well as the Golan Heights.

These two territories are considered in international law as occupied by Israel.

But the Trump administration has distanced itself from this position.

And Mike Pompeo seems to want to be selected as the first US foreign minister to visit these disputed areas.

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