Are you going to boycott Black Friday to support small businesses?


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Will you show solidarity even in case of good business?

Despite the request from federations of traders and elected officials to ban Black Friday, scheduled for November 27, the international trade event should take place.

So-called non-essential businesses, still closed because of the confinement, would be excluded.

And if the hypothesis of a postponement of Black Friday to December 1 is mentioned, there is no guarantee that on that date either, stores will be able to reopen.

This would leave the field open to e-commerce platforms, as is already the case today.

With the Christmas season in focus.

And you, what are you going to do as a consumer?

Are you going to take advantage of Black Friday and its many discounts on the Internet?

Or have you decided to show solidarity with small traders at all costs?

If Black Friday is often the occasion for you to buy your Christmas presents, are you going to keep this habit?

Or change it by shopping at small businesses when they reopen?

Will your gifts and your budget be different from usual?


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