"From the perspective of the potential of 5G-related industries, China's potential is huge. China's market and industrial chain will have a very large impact and promotion on the global 5G development." During the third CIIE, Qian Kun, the global vice president of Qualcomm and the general manager of technology licensing business in China, said during an on-site interview with the guest.

  Qian Kun introduced that Qualcomm's theme this year is "With 5G to Everything."

In terms of the content and format of the exhibition, it is showing Qualcomm's business philosophy of rooting in China, sharing wisdom, and achieving innovation, and the business model accumulated in wireless communication technology for a long time.

In addition, it is to turn innovation and technology into a platform and apply the platform to various terminal forms.

  "For example, in terms of core technology, we have shown new 5G technologies, including millimeter wave technology, 5G carrier aggregation technology, etc. In terms of platforms and solutions, we have shown many platforms for mobile phones and industrial Internet of Things. , This year launched various mobile phone platforms including 8 series, 7 series, 6 series and 4 series, which can make 5G mobile phones more popular." He said, "The third is to help manufacturers go global and bring products to Go to various markets. The products we show are to help our partners to promote, because we can only succeed in the end if our customers succeed."

  At present, investment in new infrastructure in various regions is at full capacity. As the "vanguard" of new infrastructure, 5G construction is even more accelerated.

In this regard, Qian Kun believes that the positioning of 5G as a new infrastructure is very accurate and a very important signal.

"Because 5G has indeed been fully applied as an enabling capability in all walks of life. It will bring many opportunities in telemedicine, remote education, and remote work. In addition, it will also be applied in the industrial Internet of Things. It has a profound impact. The entire 5G technology will continue to evolve, and the economic push will be far-reaching."

  From the perspective of the potential of 5G-related industries, Qian Kun believes that: “China’s potential is huge. Looking at the 5G mobile phone industry alone, last year was the first year of 5G business, and this year is the year of 5G expansion. China has accumulated 5G base stations. The number of connections to terminals is steadily increasing, which shows that the Chinese market will bring many opportunities. At the same time, China has a very rich industrial chain, and industrial capabilities and innovation will drive the world’s 5G development. China’s market and industrial chain , It will have a very large impact and promotion on the global 5G development."

  When talking about the future development direction of Qualcomm R&D, Qian Kun pointed out: "The future development direction of Qualcomm R&D has two major aspects. One is core technology, such as wireless communication and AI. On the other hand, he will think of ways to transform technology into The platform solutions are brought to different markets."

  Source | People's Daily Online-Financial Channel reporter: Liu Jia