Sharp's interim results Increase sales and decrease profits Sales are bright and dark November 6th 19:00

Sharp has announced its interim results up to September this year.

Although air purifiers and other products were sold due to the impact of the new coronavirus, sales of copier-related products decreased due to an increase in telecommuting, and sales and profits increased due to the difference between light and dark depending on the product.

On the 6th, Sharp announced the interim financial results from April to September.

According to this,

▽ sales increased by 1.9% from the same period of the previous year to 1,142.1 billion yen, but

▽ final profit decreased by 17.8% to 22.5 billion yen.

Looking at each product

, sales of air purifiers were strong due to the influence of the new coronavirus

, and sales of refrigerators and washing machines increased against the backdrop of demand for nesting.

On the other hand, as the

number of companies introducing telecommuting increased, sales of toner for copiers for offices decreased.

In addition,

▽ high-priced smartphones with high profit margins have fallen in price due to intensified competition, leading to a decline in profitability.

Katsuaki Nomura, President of Sharp, said, "The infection of the new corona is spreading again at the moment. We will take appropriate measures in the supply chain and work to improve our financial position."