The Minister of Finance,

María Jesús Montero, adjusts accounts with the municipalities

in the project of General State Budgets for 2021 after the defeat she suffered last September in her municipal decree.

The accounts sent to the Congress of Deputies for next year do not include the unconditional fund of 5,000 million that she herself shuffled

and neither the 3,000 million claimed by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Femp)

in recent weeks.

There is no trace of this aid, which was part of the decree that was overthrown last September by a large parliamentary majority because the bulk of mayors considered that Montero invaded their powers and seized their resources.

Regarding European funds, the project allocates 54% of the total planned in 2021 to the autonomous communities, about 19,000 million and 4% to local corporations, 1,483 million.

The mayor of Zaragoza and spokesman for the Popular Party in the FEMP,

Jorge Azcón, predicts a new municipal revolt

against the minister.

"It cannot be understood that not even the insufficient 3,000 million from the COVID fund for city councils are not in the budget. The forgetting of municipalism will produce more social fracture," he declared to this newspaper.

Sources from the Ministry of Finance indicate that

after the parliamentary defeat it has been decided to suspend the fiscal rules for 2020 and 2021

and allow local corporations to use their remnants - some 12,000 million in bank accounts that they could not use due to the budget stability law- which largely solves the problem.

"And what about those who have no remnants?" Asks Azcón, who points out that the queues to get food are skyrocketing in all cities.

Montero herself told the Efe Agency after losing the parliamentary vote on October 4 that she was willing to create a fund that compensates municipalities without remnants or that are in crisis due to the fall in income after their parliamentary defeat.

"They will have to have a fund that allows them to compensate for this drop in income, that allows the incorporation of transport aid and that allows updating the deliveries on behalf of the municipalities as we did with the autonomous communities."

But they are not in the budget project nor are there signs of a new decree on it.

"These budgets are unfair and do not correspond to the fight that we have given in the cities against the Covid. The hunger lines, the police, public transport all this effort is made by the municipalities and it is not reciprocated by Pedro Sánchez," he says Azcón.

In his opinion, "it can only be explained from the revenge,

from the evil losing. Many mayors of Spain mobilized to stop the injustice that was being processed in Congress and now they pass the political bill on us. It is incomprehensible that they do not want to help who else. it helps the neighbors who have it worse. "

What happened also contrasts with what was reported on October 19 by the president of the FEMP, the socialist Abel Caballero, that in addition to unlocking remnants, he had made "a request to the Government for a specific Fund for COVID support for the amount of 3,000 million euros for which a distribution agreement is finalized, which provides for two criteria: a main one, which would contemplate distributing 2.800 million depending on the population of the municipality, and another, which would distribute the remaining 200 million according to lack or shortage of remnants ".

"The transport fund of up to 400 million euros is another issue that will be considered," said the socialist mayor.

The Budgets do foresee an increase in financing to local entities in 2021 from 19,555 million in 2020 to 19,931 million euros in 2021. There are 375 million, which is equivalent to

1.9% growth compared to 13.8% of general rise in Budgets if European funds are included


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