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Berkeley Bandit -


Famous in Great Britain after WWII for its small cars powered by motorcycle engines, Berkeley went bankrupt in 1960 after launching the Bandit, a "real" Ford-powered sports car.

Today, the brand is back in the spotlight with two new versions of the Bandit: a coupe and a convertible.

Berkeley Bandit - DR

Like their ancestors, both models will have a body made of composite materials.

But beware, it will no longer be fiberglass or carbon, but materials of ... plant origin.

The builder will indeed use flax, and tree resin as a glue.

To drive these cars, customers will have the choice between a conventional thermal engine, a hydrogen fuel cell or a fully electric powertrain.

The Berkeley are expected to sell for between 44,400 and 66,500 €.


Happy birthday, 2CV Charleston!


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