The total number of those registered with the "Authority" increased within 9 months to 339.89 thousand

Hamdan bin Rashid: "Federal Taxes" maintains its distinguished performance and continues its plans for customer happiness

The Board of Directors of the Federal Tax Authority, during its 13th meeting chaired by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Council, approved a number of executive decisions related to the authority’s operational activities and organizational and administrative policies.

The Board also approved the Authority’s financial statements for the first quarter, and for the period ending on June 30, 2020, in accordance with international accounting standards related to reviewing the quarterly financial statements.

During the meeting, which was held via remote visual communication techniques, the Board reviewed the Authority’s performance indicators in all its fields of work during the first nine months of this year.

In a statement yesterday, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum affirmed that “the reports reviewed during the meeting showed that the authority continues to maintain its outstanding performance in all its activities, while continuing its development plans to raise the level of its services in accordance with the best standards to achieve customer happiness.”

Official indications

His Highness said: “Official indicators show that the authority’s operations have achieved, during the elapsed period of 2020, many positive results, and despite the challenges imposed by the requirements to confront the (Covid-19) virus pandemic, the authority has continued to implement its targeted projects at great completion rates.”

His Highness added: “The authority continued to implement its plans to encourage tax compliance, raise rates of taxable business registration, and combat tax evasion, in addition to providing all means of support to help business sectors comply with tax regulations and procedures,” explaining that “many awareness meetings were held for the Authority’s partners. In the government and private sectors, through remote visual communication techniques, in addition to providing the authority’s services remotely, through its integrated electronic system, to maintain public health and personal distancing to prevent the spread of the (Covid-19) virus, and to ensure the continuity of the efficiency of the services provided.

The council reviewed a report on the achievements of the authority and the developments of existing projects, which showed improvement in compliance levels and a noticeable increase in tax registration rates, explaining that “the total number of those registered with the authority increased during the first nine months of 2020 to 339.89 thousand registered, compared to 321.54 thousand by the end Last year, with a growth of 5.71%.

"Added Value"

The number of registered VAT registrants reached 338.7 thousand registered from businesses and tax groups and their members, compared to 320.44 thousand registered at the end of last year, with a growth of 5.7%, while the number of excise tax registrants reached 1195, compared to 1100, with a growth of 8.6%.

According to the report, the tax system's dealers base continued to expand, with the number of tax agents increasing to 379, compared to 355 at the end of last year, with a growth of 6.76%.

The report showed that the Authority approved new applications from citizens who recovered the tax they had paid on building their homes, with a value of 64.1 million dirhams, during the third quarter of this year, with a quarterly growth of 31.15%, compared to a total value of 205.8 million dirhams at the end of the first half of this year. , So that the total value of the requests of citizens who have recovered the tax that they paid on building their homes reached 269.9 million dirhams, since the start of this mechanism in September 2018 until the end of last September, with a record growth during the first nine months of this year, reaching 210.23% in the value of the refunded tax He explained that during the past nine months, new applications worth 182.9 million dirhams were approved, compared to 87 million dirhams since the start of the application until the end of 2019.

Distinctive signs

The report reviewed the Federal Tax Authority’s preparations to implement the final step of the second phase of the distinctive marking system on tobacco and its products, in which all types of hookah tobacco and electrically heated cigarette rolls not identified with “digital tax stamps” will be banned within the country, starting from the first. From next January 2021, after the start of the implementation of this step was postponed from the first of June 2020, within the framework of the facilities provided by the Authority to support and support those registered in the tax system to fulfill their tax obligations and to ensure business continuity, in light of the precautionary measures that the concerned authorities in the country have taken to prevent The spread of the emerging "Corona" virus.

Tax clarifications

The report of the Federal Tax Authority confirmed that the total number of tax explanations issued by the authority for business sectors during the first nine months of 2020 amounted to 280 tax explanations, including seven general explanations that were issued and published on the authority’s website, and 273 special clarifications for those subject to tax, while it received The Taxpayer Services Department of the Authority has made 39.72 thousand calls and 10.1 thousand inquiries via e-mail during the third quarter of 2020, and necessary measures were taken regarding all telephone and electronic inquiries.

• Approval of new applications from citizens who recovered the tax they had paid on building their homes, at a value of 64.1 million dirhams.

• Banning the "circulation" of hookah tobacco and electrically heated cigarette rolls that are not identified "digitally" as of January 2021.

• 210% growth in the amounts recovered for citizens for building their homes, with a total value of 270 million dirhams.

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