Keidanren Solidify the content of the long-term vision for sustainable growth October 30, 19:39

Keidanren said that it is necessary to realize a sustainable capitalist society amid the global economy's recession due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and by 2030, it will increase the number of female executives of companies to more than 30% and digital We have solidified our long-term vision of aiming for new growth by making concentrated investments in fields.

According to the draft that Keidanren has recently solidified, as the future image of Japan in 2030, new businesses and administrative services will be created by digitization, etc., and a society where diverse careers will be realized is set out.

For the first time, we have set a numerical target to increase the ratio of women among corporate executives to 30% or more in order to realize such a society.

In addition, as a society where people can live comfortably with DX = digital transformation,

▽ concentrated investment in the digital field and creation of new industries that utilize data in fields such as medical care and education

▽ system of national and local governments It needs to be unified within 5 years.

In addition, in order to realize a carbon-free society, we should expand the introduction of renewable energy, promote the operation of nuclear power plants, and start construction of a new type of reactor with excellent safety.

Keidanren is aiming for new growth by realizing these visions, and plans to announce it soon and make recommendations to the government and others.