[Explanation] Zhanqian District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, has transformed the previously idle assets into a human resources service industrial park.

The industrial park enables the integration of new technologies and traditional industries, makes traditional industries "new" and "fashioned", and provides flexible employment opportunities for a group of young people with dreams and interests.

  [Explanation] Dong He, who has been wandering in Beijing and other cities for seven years, finally returned to his hometown of Liaoning in early 2020.

In a company on the fifth floor of Yingkou Human Resources Service Industrial Park, Dong He and his colleagues are preparing goods for the live broadcast.

  [Concurrent] Dong He, E-commerce Director of a Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

  I think this place gives me more room for development compared to Beijing (the company), because in Beijing I am solely engaged in the e-commerce industry, it is not as comprehensive as this company, it not only has e-commerce , And there are new media, and there are short videos, and there are supply chains.

  [Explanation] Like Dong He, Bao Shiwu, the chairman of this company, returned to Yingkou to start a business without hesitation.

  [Concurrent] Bao Shiwu, Chairman of a Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

  From (Yingkou) City Government to (Zhanqian District) District Committee and District Government, the support for us is relatively large.

One is to give us a certain amount of support fund and provide us with a venue of close to 3,000 square meters.

At the same time, it also gives us some policy support, such as taxation support.

So I made up my mind to go back to Yingkou to do it.

  [Explanation] In the industrial base of a human resources enterprise on the fourth floor of the industrial park, the seats of nearly 3,000 people are all young people.

A large number of vigorous young people sit in the writing room every day, providing customer service, review, and labeling services for well-known platform companies such as Baidu, Sina, Xiaohongshu, Pinduoduo, and Zhihu.

The employment model that has broken people's traditional impressions shows the vigorous vitality of the new economy, new business forms, and new models.

  [Concurrent] Su Peng, Director of Operations, Yingkou Branch of a human resources company

  All the projects are carried out closely around various activities and business models of the Internet. These are actually quite attractive to the new generation of employment after 90 or 2000.

After three years of development, we currently have a scale of more than 2,000 people, and we will continue to develop in this volume.

Our goal may be to reach 10,000 people within three years (in the future).

  [Explanation] Yingkou Human Resources Service Industrial Park was established on October 28, 2019, bringing together public service areas, talent exchange areas, outsourcing workplace areas, human resources operation areas, live e-commerce areas, entrepreneurial incubation areas and other systems.

As of October 2020, the industrial park had a total of 125 investment-inviting projects, providing 23,300 jobs, 7,230 professional training, 2,376 contracted Internet celebrities and virtual anchors, completing operating income of 3.742 billion yuan and realizing taxes of 247 million yuan.

  Reporter Yu Ruizhai reports from Yingkou, Liaoning

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]