"Go To Travel" Excludes those whose main purpose is not tourism October 30, 3:59

"Go To Travel," a measure to stimulate tourism demand, will be excluded from the target if it is not aimed mainly at tourism.

Business trips and accommodation plans with high-value services will be excluded from November.

The Japan Tourism Agency has announced travel products that are excluded from Go To Travel, which offers discounts of up to 20,000 yen.

We will exclude products that are not mainly for tourism, limit the use of Go To Travel for business trips as much as possible, and exclude reservation sites that make business trip arrangements for companies from the discount.

In addition, room service, hotel facility vouchers, and accommodation plans with products that significantly exceed normal room rates are excluded, and accommodation plans with diving and yoga licenses and English conversation classes are also excluded. Will be done.

It will not be applicable from the amount sold after the 6th of next month.

However, if the attached services and products are clearly separated from the travel price such as accommodation and transportation expenses, only the travel price portion will be covered.

Regarding Go To Travel, it has been decided that travel products that involve driver's license training camp tours and entertainment by companions will be excluded.