Cha Yanyue Se responded to the lack of milk tea: it will be more clearly reminded in the product advertising description

  Beijing News (Reporter Wang Ziyang) On the evening of October 28, in response to previous reports that the actual capacity of Cha Yan Yue Se milk tea was inconsistent with the claimed capacity, and the gap was large, Cha Yan Yue Se issued a statement saying that it will be used in all related products. Make a clearer reminder in the advertisement description, and store partners will continue to remind consumers perseveringly to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

  According to news, the media visited a number of Internet celebrity milk tea shops in Changsha, and only one of the four milk tea shops evaluated has the same actual capacity as the claimed capacity.

Among them, Changsha's local Internet celebrity milk tea Yanyue's "Shikudong" milk tea claims to have 500ml, but the actual capacity is only 370ml, which is the biggest gap in the evaluation.

  Tea Yanyue Se said that hot drinks use high-temperature steam to extract milk froth blended with fresh tea and pure milk, which is made by cappuccino; cold drinks use a milkshake machine to extract fine and rich milk froth at high speed.

The smoothness and satisfaction that consumers feel when they drink milk foam for the first time is an "objective existence", but if the milk foam is not drunk in time, it will dissipate over time and it is also an objective existence.

  It is understood that Cha Yan Yue Se currently has only one paper cup with a body capacity of about 500 ml. A cup of freshly made foam products can reach a full cup under standard production, while creams such as Orchid Latte Pian milk tea (with cream top), the overall capacity will exceed the cup a lot.

The tea Yanyue color said that if the customer chooses to remove the ice, or leave it for a longer time (more than 5-15 minutes), the foam will gradually disappear, and the whole cup of drink will show a certain degree of slump, and the final slump is generally three minutes. Within one.

  Cha Yan Yue Se said that whether it is the cup volume marked on the cup body or the misleading information presented by some advertising materials in the store, it is the place where Cha Yan itself needs to track and correct.

Cha Yan Yue Se has internally checked and corrected the advertising materials, training materials and customer notifications related to the problem, adjusted relevant content, and implemented them online and offline. Cha Yan Yue Se will complete all relevant issues within this year. Replacement of materials.

  Beijing News reporter Wang Ziyang