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ruling on the electric vehicle battery lawsuit between LG Chem and SK Innovation, which lasted for a year and a half in the US, has been postponed again.

There is also an expectation that the two sides will try to reach an agreement again, reporter Kim Hye-min reports.


In April of last year, LG Chem filed a lawsuit against SK Innovation with the ITC for infringement of trade secrets.

It was alleged that over 100 key personnel from the battery business division moved to SK and leaked key business secrets and patents related to batteries.

SK Innovation also accused LG Chem of infringing patents, and the battles intensified as both sides continued suing and litigation with the domestic police and courts.

In February of this year, the ITC issued a ruling for SK's early defeat, and since this decision has not been reversed, LG Chem's victory has become dominant.

ITC concluded that "SK violated LG's trade secrets and systematically destroyed the evidence."

SK objected to this decision, and the judiciary accepted a request for review.

However, ITC delayed the final decision on the lawsuit between LG Chem and SK Innovation to December 10th.

It was postponed once on the 5th and then postponed for the second time, and some interpretations suggest that ITC's hard work was reflected.

Both companies are making large-scale investments in the U.S., and are they burdened by SK's decision to lose business in the U.S. becoming impossible?

During the negotiations between the two companies, there has been a large disagreement on the amount of compensation, but all of them mentioned the agreement in the postponement of the decision.

[Seon Seung-woo/Professor of the Department of Industrial Security, Chung-Ang University: It would be nice if an appropriate level of agreement could be reached by referring to similar cases in the past between large corporations in the United States.] As the

burden of prolonging the lawsuit increases, both sides will resume negotiations for agreement. Outlook is also coming out.

(Video editing: Jang Hyun-ki)