Hitachi's semi-annual financial results show lower sales and profits, but annual profit forecast is revised upward October 28, 19:32

Hitachi announced on the 28th that the six-month financial results up to last month showed a decline in sales and profits due to the impact of the new coronavirus, but the business in China, where the economic recovery trend is clear, is strong, so this year's year Revised the outlook for profits in its core business upwards.

Hitachi's financial results for the entire group for the six months to last month were sales of 3.76 trillion yen, a decrease of 10.9% from the same period of the previous year, and operating income of 180.7 billion yen, which indicates the profit of the main business, was 39.2. % Decreased.

Due to the global economic downturn caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, sales of construction machinery fell and the performance of Hitachi Metals, a subsidiary, deteriorated.

On the other hand, the elevator business in China, where the economic recovery trend is clear, and the business of system development utilizing remote technology are stronger than initially expected, so the business results for this year are operating profits that show the profits of the main business. Is expected to be 400 billion yen, and the outlook so far has been revised upward.

"We are making solid profits in the next three months compared to the three months from April to June," Chief Financial Officer Yoshihiko Kawamura said in an online press conference.