• Felipe González does not understand the state of alarm approved by Pedro Sánchez and believes that the Budgets are born out of date

Economic Vice President

Nadia Calviño

believes that Spanish society must "get used to living with the uncertainty" derived from the new outbreaks of coronavirus infections.

For this reason, the economic chief of the Executive considers that the best recipe to combat the crisis is through

"moderation, calm and rigorous analysis"

, as explained in her closing speech at the first International Expansion Forum.

"Economic activity is in a reactivation phase. Intensive growth continues until now, but it depends on whether the outbreaks, the health and economic evolution of the rest of Europe and other geopolitical factors such as Brexit or the elections can be contained. in the US ", he explained.

"The situation is very volatile and that is why it is very difficult to make economic forecasts," he stressed.

An opportunity for the planet

Has the coronavirus opened up opportunities?

Is the pandemic going to leave something positive after devastating the planet with more than a million deaths and sinking the global economy?

What role will the ecological transition play in the recovery of the economy?

The president of EY Spain,

Federico Linares

, highlighted this Wednesday the opportunity for the planet to emerge more sustainably from this crisis.

"The future of the planet would have been worse on an ecological level if we had not had the pandemic. We would not have seen the world's response on issues of ecological transition without this crisis," he said during his speech at the 1st International Expansion Forum.

Linares refers to the great aid package designed by European countries to reactivate economic investment.

37% of these aid will go directly to the ecological transition.

"Growth and ecological transition are not at odds and are perfectly compatible", he pointed out.

Other experts and executives such as

Amparo Moraleda

, advisor in companies such as Airbus, Solvay, CaixaBank and Vodafone,

Luis Isasi,

president of Santander Spain,

Adnan Shihab-Eldin

, general director of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and Senior Advisor at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, and

Laurence Tubiana

, CEO of the European Climate Foundation.

The veteran banker, former head of Morgan Stanley in Spain, has remarked that financial institutions can play a great role as funnels of European funds and has called for incentivizing public-private collaboration to tackle the country's biggest problem: unemployment. .

For his part, Moraleda has emphasized the ability to generate wealth from the circular economy and has called to move from words to deeds.

"This cannot be done only with will, but with investments in resources and efforts to achieve change," he explained.

The general director of the Kuwait Foundation advocated for 'green' investments and, especially, those related to hydrogen, which has become in recent months the great energy revolution in Spain with billions of euros in planned investments.

"Citizens are more aware of air pollution. We have to know what is green and what is not. It is a fantastic opportunity for Spain due to its potential in renewable energy", concluded Tubiana.

Technological training

Subsequently, the session

Technology as an increasingly fundamental tool to face the challenges of the future was developed

, in which Vittorio Colao has participated, among others.

The vice president for Europe of General Atlantic and former CEO of the Vodafone group, who also leads the group of businessmen who have advised the Italian Government to get out of the crisis, recommends "using European funds primarily for

long-term investments


"We are going to need a network to recycle workers," Colao also warned.

Former Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho, president of Cinia Oy and Adven Group today, has elaborated on that same position: "It takes a trained population to take advantage of this opportunity."


We lack the reskilling

, the training," stressed Helena Herrero, HP president for Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

Companies, and especially SMEs in the Spanish case, also have to reconvert: "The digital customer is

a more informed and less loyal customer

", Enrique Polo de Lara, CEO of Salesforce Spain, has stated: "From here we have to modernize the companies".

Yuko Harayama, executive advisor of Riken and former executive member of the Council of Scientific and Technological Policy of the Cabinet of Japan, has asked for his part to "invest in people", one of the keys to this round table moderated by the journalist from Expansión

Clara Ruiz de Gauna


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