At 10:18 on October 26, a 2.64-meter-long, 2.95-meter-wide, 2.81-meter-high, and total weight of 12.71 tons of rods were accurately erected in place, marking the world’s largest span of navigable steel structure aqueduct—— The left aqueduct of the steel aqueduct of the main canal of the Huaipi River diversion from the Yangtze River was successfully closed, and the closure of the full bridge officially entered the countdown stage.

  The Pihe Main Canal Aqueduct Project was undertaken by China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau and China Railway Fourth Bureau.

The aqueduct has a total length of 350 meters and is divided into two sections. The steel aqueduct has a total length of 246 meters and a total steel consumption of 21,000 tons.

The steel aqueduct adopts a 68m+110m+68m three-span steel structure truss beam-arch combination design. The main span reaches 110 meters, which is 3.8 meters longer than the world-famous German Magdeburg Water Bridge. The world's largest water and navigable steel structure aqueduct.

(Edited by Han Suyuan, Li Xiangluo, Xiaokan Lu Jie)

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