Chinanews client, October 27th. Liu Huanxin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, stated at a press conference on the 27th that farmers’ income has been doubled ahead of schedule.

The per capita disposable income of rural residents exceeded 16,000 yuan in 2019, doubling one year earlier than in 2010. The growth rate has been higher than that of urban residents for 10 consecutive years. The income gap between urban and rural residents has continued to narrow, from 2.73:1 in 2015 to 2019 2.64:1 for the year.

In the first three quarters of this year, the per capita disposable income of rural residents reached 12,297 yuan, an actual increase of 1.6%. The growth rate in the fourth quarter will continue to increase, and farmers will have more sense of happiness in a well-off year.