[Explanation] In order to further enhance the feeling, experience, and satisfaction of guests staying at the China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as CIIE), and to promote the upgrading and optimization of accommodation and tourism reception services, recently, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism organized The tourism industry has launched a five-fold guarantee service measure "Technology Empowers Worry-Free Stay".

  In terms of epidemic prevention and control protection, Shanghai's reception hotels ensure that there are sufficient epidemic prevention materials such as body temperature testing equipment, hand sanitizers, etc.; the hotel clearly reminds and strictly inspects guests' "travel codes" and "health codes", and implements precise epidemic prevention and control based on big data .

  In terms of smart check-in protection, Ctrip Group, China Lodging Hotel Group, Greenland Hotel Tourism Group, etc. have set up self-check-in equipment in their respective hotels to achieve check-in procedures within 30 seconds.

It is understood that through the use of the self-check-in system, the average waiting time of hotel guests in the lobby of Greenland Hotel Tourism Group has been reduced from 5 minutes 30 seconds to less than 30 seconds, which greatly reduces the probability of virus transmission and infection.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Le, General Manager of Business and Marketing Department of Greenland Hotel Tourism Group

  From the moment our guest arrives at the door of the hotel to the front desk where he is staying, there is no contact during the whole process.

We complete all these actions and actions required by the epidemic prevention, so we can make the guests more comfortable and feel safe in this process.

We hope that we can use technology to make up for some of the differences in their accommodation experience.

  [Explanation] In addition, the online platform has also further improved the hotel reservation information and functions of the CIIE, realizing online hotel search within 10 seconds.

  In terms of team service guarantee, each hotel takes the "service ambassador" of the China International Import Expo as the core, and specifies a dedicated team to guarantee the reception of the CIIE, and provides timely information consultation, valet booking, complaint handling and other services for guests.

  In terms of travel protection, each hotel will provide a brochure of "Participating in Expo·Travel in Shanghai" to provide guests with comprehensive travel maps, product routes, travel tips and other information.

In terms of safe insurance protection, the Shanghai Tourism Industry Association is coordinating relevant insurance companies to implement the "safe stay" insurance products.

  Reporter Xu Yin Kang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]