[Explanation] On October 26, Tesla's first batch of China-made Model 3 will be officially shipped to Europe by sea, and will arrive at the end of next month at the earliest.

  Chen Yin, the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, said that about 7,000 Chinese-made vehicles will set off on the 27th for export to the European market. They are expected to arrive at Belgian ports by the end of next month and be sold to Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, etc. Dozens of countries.

It is estimated that the export value will be USD 450 million by the end of the year.

  [Concurrent] Chen Yin, Executive Deputy Mayor of Shanghai

  At present, Tesla's expected Model 3 vehicle production project has reached the actual production capacity, the Model Y production line is also under construction, and key component projects such as power batteries and drive motors are also accelerating.

Tesla's continuous expansion of investment has conveyed confidence in deepening China, and also highlighted the trend of rapid development in China.

  [Explanation] The standard endurance upgrade version of Model 3 exported to Europe is consistent with the models supplied to the Chinese market. This is also the first batch of Tesla exported vehicles manufactured in China.

This export is an important step in Tesla's global layout, which means that the Shanghai Super Factory has begun to make efforts in both directions in the international and domestic double cycle.

  [Concurrent period] Zhu Xiaotong, vice president of Tesla and president of Greater China

  Tesla will continue to expand its production, sales, after-sales service, and infrastructure construction in China, and promote the development of its business in China through the creation of more competitive products and services, and help China to achieve a major domestic cycle. The new development pattern of international dual-cycle integration.

  [Explanation] Since the production was officially put into operation in January this year, despite the impact of the epidemic, the production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory has continued to increase. Especially in the third quarter, it has reached the design production speed and actual production capacity.

  At present, Shanghai Super Factory is making every effort to build Model Y production capacity and will start delivery in 2021 as planned.

  Xu Mingrui and Li Shuzheng report from Shanghai

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