China News Service, Guangzhou, October 26 (Reporter Guo Jun) In the face of the upcoming "Double Eleven" Tmall Shopping Festival, how to ensure the smooth flow of the network, the safety of express delivery and the safety of personnel becomes an important issue for logistics companies while ensuring the express delivery rate. .

The reporter learned from SF Logistics on the 26th that SF Logistics has benefited from the accumulation, development and application of technologies in the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other aspects over the years. 1. "Logistics are stable and safe.

  It is reported that during the "Double Eleven" period this year, SF Express continued to increase its multimodal transport, and its overall express parcel digestion capacity was more than twice that of normal days. In particular, SF Express added a new operating model to its aviation network and high-speed rail network this year.

  In terms of air transportation capacity, in addition to operating its own 60 all-cargo aircraft, it will fully serve the peak transportation of "Double Eleven", and also increase the drone transportation mode.

In some areas with inconvenient transportation such as islands and remote mountainous areas, SF Express’s delivery time will be increased by at least 24 hours; in terms of high-speed rail capacity, SF Express plans to use 863 high-speed rail lines during the "Double Eleven" period, some of which have the highest carrying capacity Up to 4 tons.

In addition, in October of this year, SF Express also quietly opened the Hangzhou-Guangzhou express freight train with the fourth highest level of SF Express.

  In the express delivery link, SF Express will put into use self-developed wearable smart devices in batches during this year's "Double Eleven" period to support efficient delivery, hands-free, voice signing, map navigation, voice assistants, health housekeepers and other functions , It is convenient for the courier to quickly scan the customer’s scan code shipping list, self-delivery code, pending delivery and other barcode trigger tasks through simple online operations, and voice assistance to quickly complete the delivery work.

With the help of smart wearable devices, couriers can shorten the receipt of each ticket by an average of 12 seconds, and the average dispatch of each ticket can be shortened by 16 seconds.

  In addition to ensuring the safety and efficient delivery of express mail, SF Express has also installed personnel safety equipment for high-volume jobs such as delivery brothers and drivers during the "Double Eleven" this year.

The wearable device on the boy has warmly set up a health butler service. After each boy is too tired, he will warmly remind him to take a proper rest to ensure the safe delivery of each order.

In addition, SF Express also equips the express vehicles with the self-developed high-precision navigation electronic map-Fengtu, to ensure the timeliness and safe route of delivery, and early warning of fatigue driving to further ensure logistics safety.

  With the sharp increase in orders during the "Double Eleven" period, automated processing capabilities will also face challenges.

SF Express conducts differentiated handling of goods, develops and delivers batches of innovative products such as a single piece separation system, unmanned loading of small pieces, misclassification detection, automated processing based on AGV, intelligent loading and unloading platform, etc., which realizes unloading and feeding of goods The whole process of, sorting, loading, etc. is unmanned and automated, which greatly improves operation efficiency and effectively saves labor input costs.

  At the same time, in some major customer headquarters, SF's building distribution robots were put into trial operation to improve the efficiency of collection and delivery.