China News Agency, Shanghai, October 24 (Reporter Wang Enbo) Ma Yun, co-chair of the United Nations Digital Cooperation High-level Group, said in Shanghai on the 24th that digital currency may redefine currency and should think about how to build a new financial system through it.

  The 2nd Bund Finance Summit organized by the China Financial Forty Forum in conjunction with various organizing committee member institutions was held on the same day, Ma Yun said at the meeting.

  In his speech, he said that the world is looking forward to a new financial system that truly considers the future. This system will go from helping only 20% of people in the past to helping 80% of people including small businesses and young people; Look for money, companies look for money, money for people, money for companies, and good companies.

The criteria for evaluating the system should be inclusive, green, and sustainable, behind which cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and blockchain play a decisive role.

  "Today's global financial system must be reformed, otherwise it will not only lose opportunities, but will plunge the world into chaos." Jack Ma bluntly said that it is normal for innovation to be ahead of regulation, but when innovation is far ahead of regulation, its richness is far When it is far beyond the regulatory imagination, it becomes abnormal.

  Taking digital currency as an example, he pointed out that if the financial system the world needs 30 years later is built with a future vision, digital currency may be a very important core.

"Today's finance does not need digital currency, but it needs it tomorrow, it needs it in the future, and thousands of people need it. We should ask ourselves, what practical problems should digital currency solve in the future?"

  "Although the main function of currency still exists, digital currency will redefine currency." In Jack Ma's view, the digital currency system is not only a technical problem, but also a solution to future problems.

Therefore, its research must start from the market, from demand, and from the future.

He said that the current digital currency is far from "grabbing standards". The key is to create value and solve the problems of the world economy, sustainable trade, and green inclusive development.