Creating an environment that makes it easy to switch to mobile companies Tomorrow's announcement policy Minister Takeda, October 26, 13:37

Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, announced on the 27th that the policy to promote competition between operators will include the creation of an environment that makes it easy for users to switch mobile phone companies. Was shown.

Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda will meet with Prime Minister Suga at the Prime Minister's residence on the morning of the 26th and report on the policy "action plan" to promote competition among operators, which will be announced on the 27th to reduce mobile phone charges. did.

After the meeting, Minister Takeda told reporters, "We will firmly incorporate how to create a market environment where businesses can freely participate and how to create an environment where users can freely switch mobile phone companies. I want to. "

In response to the report from Minister Takeda, Prime Minister Suga said, "I want you to listen carefully to the opinions of businesses and users and create a good action plan."

The "Action Plan" includes a dedicated website that explains in an easy-to-understand manner the charges and services of each company, as well as promoting the spread of a function called "eSIM" that does not require card replacement when switching mobile phone companies. , It is expected that it will be built within the year.