Yesterday (26th) of Samsung's late Chairman Lee Kun-hee was followed by a condolence step.

It is expected that the start of the 4th market will be tomorrow, and Jangji will be the Sunyoung of Samsung Street in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province.

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family leader, people who want to face the deceased Young-jung in person continued to come to memorial service.

There were also people who had to turn around because the condolence procession was lengthened.

Former and current executives from Samsung, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Eui-sun Eui-sun, SK Chairman Tae-won Choi, Chairman Hanwha Kim Seung-yeon, and Chairman Park Yong-man, Chairman of Daehan Sang, and other key figures in the business world came to the fore.

[Eui-sun Jeong/Hyundai Motor Company Chairman: You always did well and warmly.

I am grateful for instilling a very strong spirit of No. 1 in all fields in Korea and around the world.]

[Seungyeon Kim/Chairman Hanwha: We gathered like my brother.

It's the saddest day.]

Along with Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon and people's power, Kim Jong-in, the chairman of the large-scale politicians of the opposition party, also visited the poor and commemorated the deceased.

[Lee Nak-yeon/In addition, Democratic Party Representative: I have been grateful for raising the status of the country, the pride of the people, and the confidence of the people.]

[Jong-in Kim/People's Strength Emergency Countermeasures Chairperson: When I am (Cheongwa University) chief of economy I met them once, but I think they made a remarkable contribution to creating a world-class brand using semiconductors and smartphones with Samsung Electronics.]

Many diplomats, including US Ambassador Harris and Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming, also visited the slums and expressed their condolences from their government.

The late Chairman Lee's appointment is tomorrow.

It is known that Jangji will be the sunyoung of the Samsung family in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province.