Reaching over 800 million users, how can short videos “attract attention” and “attract gold”

An earthenware artist in Pingyuan Village, Baiyun Town, Pingba District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province shoots a short video of earthenware.

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Data source: "2020 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report" Drawing: Qiu Yue

Data source: "2020 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report" Drawing: Qiu Yue

In a bookstore in Harbin, Heilongjiang, the staff recorded short video recommendations.

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Li Meng from Siping Village, Siping Town, Danfeng County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi, broadcasted a live webcast in his chicken shed.

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During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday this year, a large number of tourists travelled by high-speed rail, walking and playing while taking pictures.

According to the data, only 2.33 billion video views with the label of "Watching China while sitting on the high-speed rail" on the Douyin platform have been played.

A few days ago, the China Internet Audiovisual Program Service Association released the "2020 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report").

The "Report" pointed out that as of June 2020, the number of Chinese Internet users has expanded to 940 million. With the accelerated penetration of short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, the number of short video users in my country has reached 818 million, with an average daily usage time of 110 minutes. , Short video is becoming the first choice for more and more netizens to obtain information.

In the coming year, short videos with the characteristics of "attracting time, attracting eyes, and attracting money" will continue to penetrate and deepen, which will not only affect the entire audiovisual industry, but even the national economy.

The average daily usage time is 110 minutes, and short video user stickiness leads the online audiovisual industry

Case: With the exquisite and culturally rich short video works, the Sichuan girl Li Ziqi, who exudes a strong smell of fireworks and pastoral flavor, has a real hit.

With the help of traditional Chinese culture that is “interesting and beautiful”, Li Ziqi now has more than 60 million fans worldwide, including 40.36 million Douyin fans, 7.08 million fans at station B, and over 12.9 million fans on Youtube abroad.

  Swipe the vibrato on the way to and from get off work, take a look at Kuaishou while waiting for the subway, shoot a beautiful little video with popular BGM (background music)... In the lives of many young people, various short video applications have been Become an indispensable way of entertainment in daily life.

From tens of seconds to a few minutes, you can look up at the vast starry sky or overlook the fireworks in the city; you can not only follow social news, but also understand current popular dramas.

  With the development of technology and the change of people's Internet usage habits, short video, a new product of the mobile Internet era, is becoming a new generation of social language with its low threshold, strong participation, and strong connection scalability.

Both men and women, young and old, will easily be attracted by various short videos.

The experience and impact of short videos are far greater than those of graphic forms, making funny jokes, out-of-the-box reviews, beauty, travel and other topics become popular shooting content.

  According to the "Report", as of June 2020, the number of online audio-visual users in my country reached 901 million, an increase of 43.8 million from March 2020. The utilization rate of netizens was 95.8%, and the average daily usage time per capita was 110 minutes.

In the online audio-visual industry, short video has the largest market share, reaching 130.24 billion yuan.

With the accelerated penetration of short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, the number of short video users in my country has reached 818 million, accounting for 87.0% of the total netizens.

  Regarding the rapid growth of short video data in the "Report", Zhou Jie, executive deputy secretary-general of the China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association, said that the current short video development trend is very strong. In the entire network audiovisual service, the average daily use time of short video applications is The highest, the highest user stickiness.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the entertainment demand of netizens continues to shift to the online, and the short video industry has ushered in new development opportunities.

With the in-depth development of Internet technology, short videos will evolve more forms, profoundly changing our production and life.

  "Most short video content creators are not professionals, but the content they create can adapt to the audience's mentality and interest, and can interact with people with similar emotional structures and interests online. This is actually an important factor in the popularity of short videos. "Peking University professor Zhang Yiwu said that fragmentation, performance and interactivity can be said to be the three major characteristics of short videos.

  Zhang Yiwu pointed out that "fragmentality" means to attract people's attention in a relatively short time. Because of its "shortness", it often pursues a fragmented and intercepted moments; "performance" means that moments need to be highlighted in between. The dramatic drama created.

This is often a record of occasional and improvisational performances; “interactivity” means that the viewer’s reaction forms a social effect through various means, allowing short videos to be watched at the same time. Discussion, evaluation, and interaction with multiple people.

Integrating into e-commerce, tourism and other fields, "short video +" drives new economic changes

Case: Douyin creator Jin Xuehua is a temporary cadre in Shanyang County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. At the end of 2019, he put forward the idea of ​​“Internet celebrity + e-commerce” to help consumer poverty alleviation, and took the lead in making short videos.

In just half a year, his online and offline delivery amount exceeded 10 million yuan, which helped people in poverty-stricken areas with traffic congestion get out of poverty.

  The enthusiasm of short videos has continued to penetrate into e-commerce, tourism, education, live broadcast and other fields, promoting changes in the multi-dimensional market structure.

"Short videos are no longer just entertainment, they have overlapped and penetrated into various fields, and will not only affect the entire audiovisual industry, but even the national economy." Zhou Jie said.

  Nowadays, with the characteristics of being short and powerful, dynamic display content, and super interaction, "short video +" has become a new direction after "Internet +", among which "short video + e-commerce", "short video + advertisement", "short video + content" Models such as "paid" and "short video + city" have caused a series of economic effects.

  "More and more netizens have learned about us through short videos, and the farmhouse in the village is getting hotter and hotter." Shi Jianye, a 61-year-old villager in Dangchang County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, said that this was something that I could not even think of before. .

  The "Report" pointed out that short videos accounted for the highest proportion of the online audiovisual industry market in 2019, reaching 130.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 178.8%.

It can be seen that short videos not only have a strong ability to "attract gold", but also have an increasingly obvious trend of integration with other industries, especially in driving tourism development.

  "The last ten-second urban publicity video on Douyin has been clicked by many netizens to create a'Tik Tok City'." Zhou Jie said that now ordinary citizens are gradually relaying the government to become a member of the urban communication team. The dissemination transitioned from the previous official discourse system to the folk discourse system, unlocking the charm of the city from the perspective of civilians, which doubled the effect of urban publicity.

  According to data, in 2018, Hongyadong-related videos in Chongqing became popular on Douyin, and the number of tourists during the May 1st holiday exceeded 140,000, a year-on-year increase of 120%. On the day of National Day in 2020, the number of tourists to Hongyadong Reached 140,000 passengers.

  "Faced with an "unsaturated" land full of infinite possibilities, short video platforms need to start from the needs of users in emerging markets, find effective innovation paths in service models and content innovation, and fill the gaps in user entertainment." Zhou Jie pointed out that creating new momentum for mobile content platforms in emerging markets is the key to winning the initiative and dominance in this market.

Take positive energy as the king, and make high traffic areas a high value

Case: Recently, a piece of news on the Internet attracted the attention of netizens.

There was a 60-year-old woman who was addicted to having a relationship with "Fake Jin Dong" on Douyin, and had conflicts with her husband.

After the incident, Jin Dong Studio issued a statement on the short video platform that someone faked Jin Dong’s name to open an account, stating that none of the "Jin Dong" series of accounts on the short video platform was his own, and it was a scammer who used Jin Dong’s identity on social platforms. Interact with fans.

  As another high traffic area after graphics, long videos, and live broadcasts, short videos are also a place where "fish and dragons" are currently on the mobile Internet.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, under the profit model where traffic is king, some Internet celebrities and platforms do not hesitate to break the legal red line and the bottom line of public order and good customs in order to attract users to like, forward, and earn traffic.

  "At present, various short video software are emerging in an endless stream, with uneven content, and higher requirements for users' discrimination and self-control." said Tian Feng, deputy director of the Youth and Social Issues Research Office, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , On the short video platform with strong immediacy, content dissemination has instant explosive power. For the content on the short video, we must be cautious to be foolproof.

  It is reported that in 2019, the China Online Audiovisual Program Service Association issued the "Online Short Video Platform Management Regulations" and the "Online Short Video Content Review Standard Rules".

Among them, the former stipulates that online short video platforms should fulfill the responsibility of copyright protection; the latter includes 100 review standards, including whether the title is compliant, whether it involves pornography, and whether it is suitable for minors.

  "Text should convey the truth, and short videos should also convey the truth. Short videos are not a place outside the law, let alone a moral depression, but should become a place of responsibility and a place of high value. Adhering to the business philosophy of taking positive energy as the king is both an Internet celebrity and The basic business ethics that platforms should follow are also statutory obligations. They should not only focus on traffic but not responsibilities, but revenue and responsibility.” Yin Jun, deputy dean of the School of Law of Shanghai Maritime University, pointed out that if you continue to follow With the business thinking of "washing mud", short videos will continue to linger at a low level, and will eventually be abandoned by the market and the broad audience.

  Experts pointed out that in the future, the trend of high-quality online audio-visual content will become increasingly obvious, and high traffic areas will become high values.

With the diversification of application scenarios, high-quality audiovisual content will flourish and become more sought after, which will also promote the continuous and deep development of new content, new professions, and new formats.

(Our reporter Zi Qian)