There are several things that have changed this year.

One of the changes is that the time spent at home without going out is also one of the changes. As life in my home becomes more important, it is analyzed that the architecture will be different from the previous one.

This is Kwon Ae-ri.

<Reporter> While

working from home,

Kim So-

yoon, an office worker, has benefited from the generous balcony area.

[Gimsoyun (telecommuting to July): what house the company, whether the company house (downed do not know) iteunikka a separate room when got out and also amused, he was also clear your head and enjoy going to the same coffee]

Today People wear flower pots, decorate their homes a little more, and even build a home bar as home liquor increases.

It seems that the attempt to escape from the existing Korean-style apartment building will accelerate due to the corona.

The construction of concrete matchboxes is fast and reduces construction costs, but structural changes are difficult.

Instead, so-called'long life' houses are emerging as alternatives, where they can live longer by tearing the walls apart and fixing them as needed.

[Park Ji-young/LH Land and Housing Research Institute Research Fellow: (This wall) is a wall filled with cotton between gypsum boards.

It is easy to dismantle, and you can move it and rebuild it.] This is

a'long life' demonstration apartment built by LH in Sejong City last year.

It is a living room and kitchen that can only be found in a house of at least 120 square meters, but this house is actually 59 square meters.

After you move in, you can easily get rid of the two rooms that you usually make south, and expand your living space in that place.

[Jun Kim/Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Housing Construction Supply Division Officer: ('Long Life Housing') We have a goal of supplying almost 6,000 units of about 2,000 households each year.] We put

wheels under the wall

and change the

size of the room whenever necessary. We are also envisioning a house that can be adjusted.

[Park Ji-young/LH Research Fellow, LH Land and Housing Research Institute: It has the advantage of realizing all (all different) lifestyles.]

The'house', which became the center of life after the Corona, such as rest, production activities, cultural leisure, etc. Possible housing is attracting attention.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee, VJ: Soyoung Shin)