, Wuhan, October 24 (Reporter Zhang Qin) The 2020 China Digital Economy Summit Forum hosted by the Digital China Federation was held in Wuhan on the 24th. The reporter learned from the conference that the added value of the digital economy accounts for nearly 40% of Wuhan's GDP , Has become the main engine for the transformation and development of local industries, and the city is currently focusing on building a new first-tier city for the digital economy.

  On that day, many academicians, experts and industry leaders took the theme of "Industrial Transformation in the Era of Smart Economy" as the theme, looked forward to the development trend of the digital industry, and issued the industry "first voice" to gather wisdom and energy for the development of Wuhan's digital economy.

Chen Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the forum site, courtesy of the 2020 China Digital Economy Summit Organizing Committee

  Wuhan, experiencing the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, is currently accelerating its economic recovery.

Big data tracking and tracing, intelligent identification of health codes, contactless services... While the digital economy helps the prevention and control of the Wuhan epidemic, it also injects strong impetus into the recovery and high-quality development of Wuhan after the epidemic.

  According to reports, as a national top node city for industrial Internet identification analysis, a national industrial Internet new-type industrialization demonstration base, and the first Chinese software city in central China, Wuhan’s "optical screen terminal network" industry is currently accelerating to the trillion level, and the country’s new generation of labor The construction of the Intelligent Innovation Development Pilot Zone has been accelerated. Forty percent of the top 100 digital economy companies in the country have settled in Wuhan. More than 2,000 Internet companies such as Douyu, Xiaoyaoyao and more than 100,000 employees have gathered in Wuhan. Wuhan has become an important growth pole for China's Internet.

  In order to build a “digital economy first-tier city”, Wuhan has successively issued the "Wuhan City Breakthrough Development of Digital Economy Implementation Plan" and "Promoting Online Economic Development Implementation Plan", aiming at the digital economy, vigorously developing new business formats, and accelerating economic recovery.

  "Intelligent construction will provide huge opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of Wuhan's industry." Ding Lieyun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, believes that Wuhan's construction industry with an output value of more than one trillion yuan has huge room for the development of the digital economy.

The forum held a high-end dialogue and talked about the construction of new formats of digital industrialization. Photo courtesy of the 2020 China Digital Economy Summit Organizing Committee

  He gave an example that buildings in the future should become smart terminals like mobile phones. Building components should be mass-produced in factories and transported to the site through smart logistics for smart assembly. “Building houses like cars” may become the future construction industry. A major development trend.

  At the forum, Chen Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of Taikang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., and Zhang Wenzhong, founder of Wumart Technology Group and Chairman of Multipoint Dmall, respectively focused on topics such as "digital opportunities in the age of longevity", "construction of modern circulation systems in the digital age" and other topics , To discuss the current development direction of the digital economy industry. (Finish)