UCLA described it as a historic achievement for the UAE and the group

Etisalat ... the fastest mobile network in the world

  • Hatem Dewidar: “(Etisalat) will continue to focus on investing in its networks to be the best and newest in the communities in which it operates.”


Etisalat announced yesterday that it was named "The Fastest Mobile Network in the World" for the year 2020, by Ookla, the world leader in testing broadband and mobile phone speeds and analyzing the download and transmission speed of data.

In recognition of its continuous efforts and investment in building one of the world's most advanced and sophisticated networks.

Accordingly, Etisalat subscribers get the best telecommunications services through their use of the fastest mobile network around the world, which is in line with the vision of the wise leadership of the UAE government aimed at achieving international leadership in the level of digital transformation and the knowledge-based economy.

Internet speeds

This classification is based on an accurate analysis by Ookla of millions of tests that customers perform across each network to verify internet speeds, using different applications on mobile platforms.

The "Speedtest ™" awards are determined for the best network operators using "speed points" that include a measure of each operator's speeds in "download and upload", and in a form that contributes to the classification of network speed performance.

Etisalat succeeded in being the only operator around the world with a classification higher than "90" according to the Ookla Speedtest Index, as the download speed reached 115.89 Mbps, and a total rating of 98.78 Mbps in "Speed ​​Points".

Etisalat also won the "Speedtest" awards for the fastest mobile network in the world for the first quarter, second quarter, second quarter and third quarter of 2020, and it was also the fastest fixed broadband network in the third and fourth quarter of 2019.

Digital future

"We are proud of this achievement, which reflects our continuous efforts to achieve our strategy of leading the digital future to empower societies," said Acting CEO of "Etisalat Group", Hatem Dewidar. And work to provide advanced services and solutions proactively to our customers.

(Etisalat) will continue to focus on investing in its networks to be the best and newest in the societies in which it operates, in a way that contributes to enhancing the added values ​​of all partners.

Dewedar added: “We base our work on the wise vision of the leadership of the UAE aimed at elevating the country's position to become one of the most advanced countries in digital services, and we seek to embody that vision through constant investment in the latest networks, infrastructure and innovative services.

We are grateful for the continuous support from the wise leadership in the UAE and proud of our customers ’loyalty and confidence in us, which drives us to achieve our goals and reach digital innovation to step towards a smarter future.”

The fastest network

Doug Satels, CEO and co-founder of Ookla, said: “We are pleased to announce that (Etisalat) has won the title of the fastest mobile network in the world. Its network, which is an official announcement proving that the (Etisalat) network is the fastest mobile network in all countries of the world.

In addition, Etisalat has also won the title of the fastest fixed broadband network in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Arab region, and it is certainly a historic moment that calls for pride for Etisalat and the UAE alike.

The importance of this achievement is highlighted during the challenges of the global crisis caused by the spread of the new Corona virus and what these challenges necessitated of the existence of advanced and modern communication networks.

Etisalat's pivotal efforts resulted in building one of the most advanced communication networks, which was reflected in the overall performance of the UAE to be ranked first in the world in the average speed of downloading data on a mobile phone for the months of January, March and July of 2020, according to the Speedtest Index. Global.

Network quality

Global communication networks witnessed an exceptional turnout during the pandemic, according to "Ookla", and it was necessary to maintain the performance and quality of networks during this stage to ensure business continuity, ensure subscribers' access to basic services, and to support work and distance learning requirements.

It is noteworthy that “Etisalat” was the pioneer in introducing previous generations of communication networks in the region, such as the third generation, the fourth generation, and the fifth generation.

Etisalat has previously won the title of the fastest mobile network and fastest broadband network in the region at the 2019 Speedtest Awards, and has continued its efforts to improve mobile networks and support business continuity during the remote work phase.

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