China News Service, Shanghai, October 23 (Reporter Jiang Yu) The first entry exhibit of the 3rd China International Import Expo-Wirtgen Group W380CR cold recycler arrived at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on the 23rd.

So far, the third CIIE has officially entered the stage of exhibition arrangement.

  German Wirtgen Group is participating in the CIIE for the first time. The W380CR cold recycler, which is mainly launched, can quickly form high-performance, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and long-life pavement materials.

Peng Chunyan, assistant to the general manager of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Operations Center, said that the first exhibit is 16 meters long and the accessories are 4.5 meters long. The total weight after assembly is about 52 tons.

  Yu Yongzhi, technical sales director of road construction and maintenance of Wirtgen China, said that this exhibit can largely enjoy the tax exemption policy of the CIIE, which directly reduces import costs. Therefore, enterprises also have more room to benefit customers, thereby reducing customer procurement costs. The "win-win situation of buying and selling" will help Chinese companies accelerate the introduction of international high-end products and technologies through exhibits, driving and promoting the rapid improvement of the overall technical level of the industry.

  It is reported that as of the 23rd, 98% of the exhibits of the third CIIE have arrived in the territory. It is expected that all exhibits will arrive at the exhibition hall by early November.

From October 24th, the equipment, automobiles and medical equipment, and medical and health care exhibition areas will enter the exhibition in advance, and all exhibition areas will be officially deployed on the 26th. It is expected that the booth construction and exhibit layout will be completed around November 2.

  On the same day, the Registration and Credentials Management Center (Registration Center) jointly established by the China International Import Expo Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau officially opened the on-site service function, marking that the certificate issuance of the third CIIE has entered a full-speed sprint stage.

  According to Lu Zhou, the person in charge of the CIIE Certificate Registration Center and the assistant to the general manager of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Security Department, as of now, the number of applicants for this CIIE is about 500,000, and the issuance of certificates is nearing completion.

  According to reports, the certificates of this CIIE can be used normally after online activation during the registration stage of the next CIIE. Those marked with 2020-2022 under the certificate are valid for three consecutive sessions.

Participants can check the progress of their application for certificates by following the official account of the CIIE.

In addition, this CIIE will provide integrated services for epidemic prevention and control at the entrances and exits of the venues to achieve automatic and accurate matching of personnel ID information with health information such as body temperature detection.