She noted that "the advantages, of course, are the convenience of calculation, a convenient form, and the fact that calculations can be carried out offline can be a great advantage."

According to her, “the digital currency will be able to easily integrate into the functioning of the economy, for example, with smart contracts and so on, that is, facilitate the functioning of the digital economy itself, working with digital financial assets”.

“We recently adopted a law on digital financial assets, and, in my opinion, these are such important advantages, there is demand, there is demand.

We see how ... and different systems of payments and settlements, instant settlements are developing, we also see the demand for a system of fast payments, "RIA Novosti quotes Nabiullina.

She stated that "people and businesses want fast, convenient, almost instant settlements, in addition, the digital ruble is a ruble imitated by the Central Bank, and therefore the Central Bank is responsible for the stability of this money, this is also, of course, an advantage."

At the same time, the head of the regulator noted that "the disadvantages are associated with information security."

"Rather not a minus, but a challenge for us for now - how to build a technology for the implementation of offline settlements with the digital ruble," she explained.

According to the head of the Central Bank, "if what concerns online payments, depending on the model, everything is more or less clear there."

“Here, of course, it will be necessary to discuss technologies, develop technologies.

So far there are no such elaborated solutions to the end, ”she said.

She also said that "certainly not a risk, but rather a subject for analysis and understanding, is how its proliferation can affect the financial sector in general."

“Although I believe that the risks here are very small, because the entire toolkit, including our interaction with banks to manage liquidity in these conditions, we understand how it will work.

Nevertheless, we want to discuss with those who will use this ruble, and maybe there are things that market participants will prompt us, and suggest what to pay attention to, we will discuss this topic, ”Nabiullina added.

Earlier it was reported that the Central Bank presented a report on the creation and implementation of the digital national currency - the digital ruble.

Doctor of Economics Konstantin Ordov, in an interview with Nation News, commented on plans to develop a digital ruble.