Japan Airlines LCC Zip Air to hire 100 flight attendants October 24, 6:30

While airlines continue to reduce flights and suspend operations due to the impact of the new coronavirus, Zip Air, an LCC = low-cost carrier under the umbrella of Japan Airlines, has taken an unusual response to hire about 100 new flight attendants to expand routes in the future. I decided.

Zipair, an international LCC, began operating passenger flights between Narita Airport and Seoul, South Korea, which had been postponed due to the global relaxation of the government's immigration restrictions.

In addition to launching a flight connecting Narita and Bangkok, Thailand on the 28th of this month, the company has decided to hire about 100 new flight attendants in order to continue expanding the route.

This is an unusual response as many airlines stop hiring due to the deterioration of the business environment.

The recruitment targets are employees of Japan Airlines and its group companies, as well as LCCs and Jetstar Japan, which are funded by Japan Airlines, and can apply from occupations other than flight attendants.

Of these, Jetstar Japan has closed its base office at Kansai Airport and has been asked by flight attendants to voluntarily retire with the policy of virtually withdrawing from some domestic routes.

Shingo Nishida, president of Zipair, said, "We are affected by the new coronavirus, but we are hiring the human resources needed to proceed with the route expansion plan."