"Training camp license" Not covered by "Go To Travel" from next month 23:39 on October 23

It was found that the Japan Tourism Agency has decided to exclude driver's license training camp tours from next month onward over "Go To Travel", a measure to stimulate tourism demand.

Tours that obtain a driver's license at a training camp are popular among university students, as they receive discounts as a target for "Go To Travel."

According to people familiar with the matter, the Japan Tourism Agency has decided to exclude this training camp licensed tour from "Go To Travel" from next month onwards.

The training camp license was intended to stimulate consumption in the area where the training camp was held, but the Japan Tourism Agency told travel agencies through the secretariat that it had changed its policy in a hurry. It is a purpose, and it is hard to say that it is in line with the purpose of the business to stimulate travel demand. "

On top of that, only tours that clearly separate license training costs and travel costs such as accommodation are eligible for discounts.

Confusion is expected to spread among travel agencies and users regarding the training camp license, as travel agencies and partner hotels that handle tours have expressed expectations for the effects of Go To Travel.

Travel agency "Why sudden policy change is difficult to understand"

A travel agency in Fukuoka City, which has been involved in training camp license tours, hastily said that it is "difficult to understand" that the policy has changed.

The travel agency "Ad Tourist" in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City has started a new training camp license tour after "Go To Travel" was started while tourism demand did not recover.

Inquiries were flooded mainly from university students, and about 400 people have applied so far.

In addition, on the tour, there were voices expecting the effect of the business, especially from a small hotel that is far from the tourist spot and the number of guests has not recovered.

A travel agency representative said, "I was shocked by the sudden contact that I was excluded. I contacted the Japan Tourism Agency many times and confirmed that there was no problem before starting the tour. It's hard to understand why the policy changed suddenly. It's a shame that the leaflets I've already ordered will be wasted. "