"Training camp license" will not be covered by Go To Travel from next month Official announcement by Japan Tourism Agency October 24, 5:24

The Japan Tourism Agency has officially announced that it will exclude driver's license training camp tours from discounts, etc. from next month onwards as a measure to stimulate tourism demand, "Go To Travel."

Excluded from "Go To Travel" are tours that obtain a driver's license such as a car in a training camp format.

It will not be applicable from the application after the 1st of next month.

However, if the license training fee and the travel fee such as accommodation and transportation fee are clearly separated, only the travel fee portion will be covered.

The so-called training camp license was added to the target as it encourages consumption at the training camp, but the Japan Tourism Agency turns around and the reason for excluding it is that most of the price is not accommodation but license training. He explained that it was judged comprehensively because it was difficult to say that it was in line with the purpose of stimulating travel demand for the purpose of obtaining a nationally qualified driver's license.

The Japan Tourism Agency requires travel operators to specify the training fee, pre-discount travel price, discount amount, etc. if they want to continue selling the training camp license as a target of Go To Travel.