The national operator of Delivery and the union of delivery personnel signed a collective agreement to improve the working environment.

This is the first case of agreement in the platform industry, and it is expected to have a significant impact on other similar industries.

This is reporter Jeong Da-eun.

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collective agreement was signed between the elegant young people who run the delivery service of the people of delivery, Baemin Riders, and the service union service of the KCTU.

The collective agreement between platform companies and platform workers is the first in Korea.

Delivery drivers are in fact'individual business' status, and the company has no legal obligation to respond to collective bargaining requests, but the delivery driver's status as a worker is recognized.

[Kim Byeong-woo/President of Elegant Youth: It was a collective bargaining for platform workers, but as a domestic platform company, it was first conducted...

.] In

order to increase real income, we have decided to eliminate the dispatch brokerage fee of 200-300 won per case that delivery workers borne.

To improve welfare, we provide support for health check-ups and clothing expenses according to employees.

[Kim Young-soo / Chairman of the Service Federation, Bae Min Riders: I think that I was recognized as a worker just because I had negotiated.

It will have a big impact on other quick service and courier unions, which are not currently negotiated.

However, in the part where the delivery fee is calculated as a straight distance instead of a real distance, the delivery completion time is set short, causing an accident, etc. Was not included in the improvement proposal.

[Gyo-Hyun Koo/Rider Union Planning Team Leader: The basic delivery fee is too low, so instability in income and unpredictable problems are intensifying.] With

the recognition of the first platform union, the improvement of the working environment of platform workers in earnest is in earnest. I am interested in what will be discussed.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-woo, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)