Chinanews client, Beijing, October 20th (Reporter Li Jinlei) Regarding the phenomenon that the chip project is unfinished, the spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission Meng Wei responded at a press conference on the 20th, saying that for those who cause major losses or cause major risks, Will be notified of accountability.

Data map: National Development and Reform Commission.

Jin Shuoshe

  The integrated circuit industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry for national economic and social development, and its status is very important.

In 2019, China's IC sales revenue was 756.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.8%, and it has become one of the fastest growing regions in the world for IC development.

  However, recently, reports of unfinished chip projects have caused concern.

Meng Wei said that the enthusiasm of domestic investment in the integrated circuit industry is constantly rising. Some "three-nos" companies with no experience, no technology, and no talents have joined the integrated circuit industry. In some places, they have insufficient understanding of the law of integrated circuit development and blindly start projects. The risks of horizontal duplication of construction are apparent, and even the construction of individual projects is stagnant and the factory buildings are vacant, resulting in waste of resources.

  In response to the current chaos in the industry, the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on four areas in the next step.

  One is to strengthen planning and layout.

In accordance with the development principle of "main body concentration and regional agglomeration", strengthen the service and guidance for the construction of major integrated circuit projects, orderly guide and standardize the development order of the integrated circuit industry, and do a good job in planning and layout.

Guide the industry to strengthen self-discipline and avoid vicious competition.

  The second is to improve the policy system.

Accelerate the implementation of Guofa [2020] No. 8, which is a number of policies on promoting the high-quality development of the integrated circuit industry and software industry in the new era, and promptly introduce supporting measures to further optimize the development environment of the integrated circuit industry, regulate market order, and promote industrial innovation Ability and development quality to guide the healthy development of the industry.

  The third is to establish a prevention mechanism.

Establish a long-term working mechanism of "early sorting, early detection, early feedback, and early disposal", strengthen risk warning, strengthen communication and coordination with banking institutions, investment funds, etc., and reduce investment risks in major integrated circuit projects.

  The fourth is to compact the responsibilities of all parties.

Insist on independent decision-making and responsibilities of enterprises and financial institutions to increase industrial concentration.

Guide local governments to strengthen their awareness of the risks of major project construction, and in accordance with the principle of "who supports them, who is responsible", they should be notified and accountable for causing major losses or triggering major risks.