Convenience store September sales Last-minute demand for cigarettes also declined for 7 consecutive months October 20, 15:48

Last month and September sales at major convenience stores nationwide fell 3% below the same month last year, the seventh straight month of decline, despite last-minute demand before the tobacco tax hike.

According to the Japan Franchise Association, sales at major convenience stores nationwide in September were 866.7 billion yen on an existing store basis, 3% lower than the same month last year.

Last month, there was a last-minute demand before the tobacco tax was raised, and sales of sanitary goods such as masks increased, so the rate of decrease narrowed from 5.5% in August last month, but sales are 7? It has fallen below the previous year for consecutive months.

The number of customers visiting the store has also decreased by 11.1%, which is also the 7th consecutive month of decrease.

On the other hand, many people buy fresh foods, delicatessen items, frozen foods, etc. in bulk against the background of increasing opportunities to eat at home instead of eating out, and the purchase amount per person has increased for 12 consecutive months. doing.

Convenience stores want to secure sales by strengthening the product lineup that matches the new lifestyle that has spread due to the influence of the new coronavirus, including telework.